I prefer you guys

Bryce's fiancee, Allison, starting acting strangely in the week leading up to the wedding. She would disappear at night with three guys Bryce had never met before and return home drunk and horny. She even invited the guys to their wedding at the last minute. Bryce put it down to pre-wedding jitters. His wife had always been a bit of a party girl and maybe she was just getting it all out of her system?
He had no idea that Allison's body had been stolen by their next door neighbor, Stan. He'd possessed her but couldn't figure out how to leave so figured he'd make the most of it. Stan invited his three friends over and they went out to get drunk every night before the wedding. He let his friends paw at his sexy new body and fuck him one at a time in the backseat of their cars. They were so much rougher, more intense than Bryce, and Stan howled with lust as they plunged into him.
The climax came on the wedding day. All of the stress of Stan's new life, the planning, the meeting relatives he didn't know, the faking of memories got to be too much and he had to let off some steam. After he'd gotten into his wedding dress he kicked his maids of honor out of the room and invited in his three friends.
"All right guys, let's have some fun."
"What about your fiance?" one asked.
	"Fuck that loser. This body belongs to me now and I prefer your cocks."
	The three guys wasted no time in undressing Stan's delicious new body, fondling his tits and stroking his glorious new pussy. Stan felt the now-familiar feeling of his pussy growing wet, the lips becoming slick as his friend's finger slid back and forth inside his tight, wet canal.
	As soon as the first cock appeared Stan wrapped Allison's lips around it, swallowing it to the hilt and undulating her tongue along the shaft. Hands gripped Stan's ass, yanking off his panties. Something hard and firm pressed against the slick opening of his cunt, while another pressed against his tight asshole. He wanted to protest but his lips were yanked down the shaft while the two cocks thrust into his tight holes down below. He moaned as his pussy parted for one dick and the other slid inch by inch into his tight asshole, painful pleasure searing his body. His tits bounced delightfully as the three guys thrust into him, fucking him hard, using his new body for their pleasure.
	A gasp drew his attention to the doorway and he half-turned, the cock still in his pretty little mouth, to see Bryce staring at him in shock. With his mouth full Stan couldn't speak, so he just trembled and moaned as the first of many orgasms blew through him, and the three cocks continued working their way deeper inside.

A gang of criminals hides out from the police by possessing a man, his wife, and their two college age daughters, but their plan to act normal goes awry as they give in to the temptation to enjoy their new lives in Heist, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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