Bad enough

It was bad enough that my girlfriend used her magic to swap our bodies, but then she also made me horny as hell and aching for cock. Then, just to tease me, she made me dress up and go out to dinner. Christ, it had been painful sitting in the chair, my pussy nearly dripping, every touch of my former hand threatening to cause a cascade of pleasure through my sexed up new form. I would have done anything she said just for her cock, and she knew it, taking her time getting back home.
We finally made it through the door and she laughed as I yanked off my dress and attacked her. Her hand slid down between my legs and found my glistening wetness.
"Please, fuck me," I begged between kisses.
It was all I could think about and I cried out in desire as she finally obliged, throwing me to the bed and sinking deep into me.
I whimpered, clutching my head and stroking my clit as she spread my legs wide and fucked me, both of us staring down at my puffy pink pussy lips. My cries grew quicker, higher in pitch. Each thrust of her dick inside me added to the wonderful pleasure pouring through me, driving the tension through every inch of my body until I exploded, cumming hard around my former dick, my body convulsing beautifully through the immense orgasm.
She continued thrusting into me, using her magic to stay hard and keep me wet and needy, fucking me until I gripped the sheets and begged for her cum, my body sweaty and desperate to be filled with her hot seed, over and over.

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