The Stranger waves his hand and an invisible force hits you. You shut your eyes as the world spins around you. When the force releases you you open your eyes to find yourself kneeling on the floor, staring down into your sister's pink top. Her tits hang heavily, swaying from your chest. God, you can feel them move, can feel the air of the room caress your nearly naked body, the fibres of the rug rubbing against your smooth, lean legs. This is impossible but you're in her body.
You look up, blonde hair falling across your vision, to see your own body across from you looking every bit as terrified as you feel.
"Rise," the Stranger commands.
Your body obeys and you find yourself pushing yourself to your feet. Your hips and tits sway in unfamiliar ways as you stand and the Stranger admires you, looking you up and down before giving your tight ass a light smack, making you jump.
"Good," he nods, satisfied. "You will come with me tonight. And if you obey my orders and please me, you may earn your body back."
Your sister looks up, terrified from within your former body.
"What are you going to do to us?" She asks. Your voice sounds strange from within your new ears.
The Stranger smirks. "Whatever I want. Maybe you should get used to your new body while we're gone."
The Stranger snaps his fingers, and the last thing you see before following him out the door is your sister madly scrambling for her cock.

A gang of criminals hides out from the police by possessing a man, his wife, and their two college age daughters, but their plan to act normal goes awry as they give in to the temptation to enjoy their new lives in Heist, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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