These are great

"Oh man, these are great,"Alex said, as he gripped Taylor's tits and squeezed them together.
Stop playing with my breasts, you pervert, Taylor cried out from within Alex's head.
"Oh come on," Alex replied, still squishing his tits together, "I haven't touched your body all day and it's been driving me crazy."
I know, Taylor replied, I can feel what you feel, remember?
"Yeah, I know. No secrets between us anymore."
Alex tweaked one of his tiny pink nipples and warmth spiked through him. He gazed down at Taylor's body, greedy for himself.
Alex and Taylor had found an alien artifact that had combined them together, putting Alex's mind in control of Taylor's body. She was still inside her own body but had no control over herself, and could feel and 'hear' everything Alex felt and thought.
Stop, Taylor said again, though a little reluctantly. She, too, was enjoying the spike of warmth and was being carried along by Alex's desire for his new body.
It was no surprise when her hand slid down between her legs and slipped in between her pussy lips to land on her dew. She hated being controlled like this but, god, how she needed release along with him.
She guided his fingers inside herself, helping him to discover where to stroke, how hard and how fast. It wasn't long before the orgasm washed over them both and Alex cried out in delight with Taylor's lovely voice.

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