Role of a Lifetime (MtF Possession)

A college student finds an experimental device that allows him to possess his girl friends in Role of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords and Amazon.

Amber held out her hand to take a look at the device when Mateo suddenly slumped over on the couch. She gasped, wanting to run to him, but instead took a step backwards on unsteady feet. She clung to the wall for support, her heels clacking on the hardwood floor. Amber tried again to move towards Mateo but her body wouldn’t respond. Instead, she found herself shaking her head and swearing.

“The hell?” She asked. The voice was hers but she hadn’t intended to say anything.

Her hands came up to her face, feeling her lips, her cheeks, her nose. Her mouth dropped open in surprise, though none of these actions were her own. She was being controlled by someone else. There was someone in her body making her do things,

Her head tilted down to stare at her body, her gaze landing directly on her cleavage. She was staring down the top of her shirt, her slim round breasts held high by the bra, the curves disappearing beneath the white shirt. Her hands came up and squeezed her chest experimentally.

Oh my god! What’s happening to me? Amber cried out inside her mind.

Her hands dropped to her sides.

“Amber?” her voice asked, “Is that you?”

You can hear me?

“Yes,” her own voice replied, head nodding.

Who are you?

Her tongue licked her lips, tasting her waxy lip gloss. “I’m Mateo.”


There were so many strange sensations it was hard to think. Her body stood differently, the posture altered. Mateo clearly didn’t know what to do with her hands, first bringing them up to her stomach, then attempting to slide them into pockets that weren’t there before finally dropping them to her sides.

“I think I’m…in your body somehow. It must be that machine I found.”

Get out of me!

“I’m trying!”

Amber found her body hurrying to the couch where Mateo’s body lay. She awkwardly balanced on her heels with each step, and her hips didn’t quite move correctly. Her whole balance was off. Amber was aware Mateo could feel everything from the bounce of her breasts to the silky hair down her neck. She knew he could taste her, smell her, feel her, move her. And she could also tell that if she hadn’t been panicking in his mind he would have enjoyed it.

Her body knelt down to grab the metal tube and she felt her skirt slide up. She pulled it back down and stood, before brushing the hair out of her eyes and pushing her glasses back up her broad nose.

What did you do? She was calmer now, more curious than angry.

“I don’t know. I pushed this and it just happened.”

So fucking weird talking to herself, knowing it was her friend inside controlling her body. Her fingers fiddled with the device. He was clearly not used to the shape of her yet, the slimmer fingers, the curved nails, because he moved awkwardly and jittery. She furrowed her brow and scratched her chin—both Mateo’s gestures. Pushing a few buttons, Mateo was able to change the symbols between the two subjects. An arrow pointed back from Subject 2 to Subject 1. Amber’s thumb pushed the blinking button and she was back in control of herself.

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