Promised 2

You didn't read the fine print on the contract, so it's a surprise to you when they send Lucy home to your house. Something about letting the residual mind adjust in a familiar environment. Whatever. As far as you're concerned it's torture.
Lucy loves to torment you, inviting her boyfriend over so she can fuck him with your mom's body. They do it everywhere in the house. More than one time you come home to find your mom being pounded over the couch, her tits bouncing around as Lucy's boyfriend fucks her from behind. She still cries out like your girlfriend, and enjoys sex like your girlfriend, but in your mom's voice and body. So you hear the rhythmic slap of your mom's ass and her cries rising in pitch as she orgasms.
They love tormenting you. Lucy walks around naked and her boyfriend fondles her and smacks her ass while giving you knowing glances, treating her like he owns her body. You can't stand to see your mom like this. But at the same time, hearing your ex-girlfriend constantly orgasm makes you hard.
Still, you try your best to help her adjust. And she needs your help processing all the bullshit admin it takes to switch one person's life to another. You remind her about your mom's dietary needs and about the pills she needs to take. She hates going out in public and getting mistaken from your mom so you bring home food.
Later, though, you don't remember when her boyfriend stopped coming around. You don't remember when she started saying please and thank you. You don't remember when she started helping around the house. But you do remember the first night she offered her new body to you. And you accepted.

A college student finds an experimental device that allows him to possess his girl friends in Role of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


  1. not quite what i had in mind i didn’t want to see or hear anything from the boyfriend but at least got them getting back together and would love see the son get his ex/now? girlfriend pregnant

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