New cravings now

I've been a professional sex worker for a while and I thought I heard every request imaginable. I wasn't really surprised when my latest client asked me to role play as his mother. What was surprising was that he swapped me into her body to do it.
I felt so much more energetic. I'd gained years of life back, and the craving for a hit was completely gone. His mom, on the other hand, now had to deal with an older, drug-addicted body. He had no sympathy for her and he kicked her out while paying me well to act her part.
Of course, it included certain benefits for him. His mom would never have fucked him, but I had no qualms. He was just a client to me, and I let him have his way with this new body. I was quite agile now and able to wrap my feet around his cock and stroke him while sucking him off.
I made this body my own. Got a tongue ring, a few tattoos, a belly button ring. He was cool with that. As long as I fucked him whenever he wanted. And I was cool with that. 
His mom's body was horny as hell, quick to get wet and quick to orgasm. I loved bouncing on "my" son's cock, feeling it slide inside and fill me with its wild heat. I would moan, "Oh, yes, son, fuck this pussy." 
And he would come hard inside me, gripping my waist and pulling me down onto his beautiful cock, filling me with his hot seed. 
In public I acted like his mom, but in private I acted like his whore. I had new cravings now.

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