Hard to resist

Jacob's friend, Grant, was an evil bodyhopper who loved ruining people's lives. Jacob tried not to get involved but it was hard to resist, especially when Grant took over the body of Eimi, a demur Japanese cutie.
Eimi came from a conservative family. She was a good student who worked hard, never stayed out late, and never had guys over. Grant changed all that, taking her virginity in a big way.
"It's so easy to pick up dudes with this body," he bragged to Jacob. "And her pussy's so tight. Feel it!"
Jacob waved him away. It didn't feel right having sex with Eimi while Grant was in control. But it got harder to resist the longer Grant stayed inside her.
Grant started bringing multiple guys home and fucking in the living room. Eimi's family would come in and find her sandwiched between two guys, one cock in Eimi's pussy, another in her mouth. She moaned like a whore and sucked cock like an expert, soon gaining a reputation as the local slut. All the perverts would come by to fuck her.
Her friends and family had no idea what was going on, and couldn't stop her. Grant soon wore Jacob down and cajoled him into joining a threesome. 
Jacob had to admit Eimi was hot with her mouth wrapped around his cock, her eyes closed in ecstasy as another friend fucked her taut ass from behind.
Grant's favorite part was hopping out just before the guys came, returning a very startled Eimi to her body just as her mouth and pussy were filled with jets of hot cum.

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