Tasting her for the first time

Request: Could see a sequel where the mother and son aren’t aware they’re possessed, and try to justify what they are sometimes doing with each other.

Rachel and her son, Ian, didn't know that strangers were possessing their bodies through version 2 of bodypossession.com. All they knew was that they couldn't keep their hands off each other. They were suddenly desperate to kiss and caress.
Ordinarily Ian would have been disgusted at the sight of his naked mom, but today he grew rock hard as she lay naked on the couch, her heavy breasts resting on her chest. When she spread her legs Ian dove in, feasting on her pussy. God, she tasted so delicious, smelled so wonderful. Why hadn't he eaten her out before?
For her part, Rachel grew wet and warm watching her son lick her cunt, and she came twice around his head thanks to his magnificent tongue. If she'd know her son was so good with his tongue maybe they would have done this sooner.
When Ian finally raised his head from his mom's pussy, her juices dripping down his chin, he was so horny he could hardly hold it. He'd barely thrust into her when he came, grunting and feeling her with his seed as she clutched him in joined desire.
There was a brief jolt as the two strangers inside them jumped out. For a second Ian's disgust came roaring back and he wondered what in the hell had possessed him to fuck his own mom. But then two more strangers jumped in and the desire resumed.
"Aw, shit," he said, pulling out of Rachel and looking down at his flaccid cock. "Some motherfucker already came."
"Guess you'll just have to eat some pussy then," his mom replied, spreading her legs again.
Ian dove in again like he was tasting her for the first time.

A procedure to transfer simple skills from one person to another goes wrong and clones a man’s mind in to his female friend’s body in Crossed Wires, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. I’d love a story where a swap happens slowly, like parts of their personality changes over time, and they become less and less comfortable in their bodies, replace memories etc. until they realise they have actually swapped.

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