Remote Chance – MtF Transformation

Four friends accidentally discover that a mysterious remote control can transform them into duplicates of people on television in Remote Chance, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

It started as an ordinary Super Bowl party with Kai and three friends until one of them accidentally knocked a beer onto the remote control Kai had picked up at a yard sale. Now the four guys have all been randomly transformed into copies of whoever happened to be onscreen at the time: An African tribal woman, a busty MILF, a petite Asian dancer, and a female wrestler.

They’ve got to go on a mission to the man who sold the remote to see if he has any answers. But first, they need to enjoy themselves.

This 10,000+ word story contains male to female transformations and explicit erotic scenes.

Kai rushed around preparing the food in the kitchen as the pre-show commentators speculated about the upcoming Super Bowl on the big screen TV in the living room. He slid the buffalo wings into the oven and set the timer while one of the announcers downplayed Farve and his chances, saying that this was not going to be Green Bay’s year. The commentary was occasionally punctuated by Kai’s friend Zack, who sat on the worn leather couch and took every criticism of Green Bay as a personal insult.

“Whatever, dickheads!” Zack called out cheerily.

The oven had warmed up the small kitchen. Kai pushed his long sleeves up and blew out a sigh as he gazed around, mentally ticking off the food and drinks. Beers were in the fridge. Pizza in the freezer. Chips and dip on the counter. A small pile of veggies sat in a bowl where they would likely be untouched in favor of the fattier, greasier offerings.

Kai’s fiancée, Shelly, had helped chop up the vegetables before disappearing into her room and diving back into Tomb Raider. She’d insisted on a healthy alternative and had then taken most of the veggies and one of the dips back with her. Shelly had no interest in football and gladly agreed to let Kai and his friends have the run of the front part of the house if it meant she could game undisturbed for a few hours. Maybe if she got it out of her system now she wouldn’t stay up all night playing. She was really dedicated to it and often talked about how unfair it was that there was no Super Bowl of video games.

Kai heard a metallic clunk and poked his head out of the pass-through cut into the wall between the kitchen and living room. Zack was slumped on the couch, already one beer in. He passed one hand over his crew-cut blonde hair and shook his head at the television. Zack was a Minnesota boy, perpetually pale even into summer. He looked over at Kai.

“Dickheads don’t know what’s about to hit them. Packers are gonna stomp these guys,” Zack insisted.

Kai raised his hands in mock surrender. “No argument from me.”

“Damn straight,” Zack agreed, cordially. “Throw me another beer?”

“Yes, your majesty,” Kai cocked an imaginary hat. “Anything else? A foot rub? Hair cut?”

“Naw, I’m good,” Zack grinned.

Kai snorted and grabbed two beers from the fridge as well as the plate of chips and dip off the counter. He carried all of them into the living room and set the plate down on the coffee table before plonking himself down on the couch next to Zack. He handed one of the beers to Zack, who took it and cracked it open. Zack looked at the label and raised an eyebrow.

“Import huh? You went all out.”

Kai shrugged. “Special occasion.”

“We got about forty five minutes until kick off. You mind if I watch something else real quick? Tired of listening to these dickheads.”

“Sure you want to miss the Doritos pre-show spectacular or whatever?”

Zack picked up the clunky remote control off the coffee table and paused, hefting it in his hand and peering at it. “Is this filled with lead or something? Did you get this from a lab in the 80s?”

The remote was a boxy rectangle with big rubber buttons on it and no manufacturer name. There were tons of options on it that Kai hadn’t even begun to try to figure out. He only needed three: power, channel, volume. Hell, his ancient television couldn’t do much more than that, anyway. It wasn’t like he’d connected it up to a massive sound system or anything. The bottom half of the remote had buttons that Kai just ignored, each one with labels – like DIFF, AIR and SWAP – that didn’t mean anything to him. And the remote was heavy. Much heavier than the original remote that came with the television and which had been lost a few weeks ago.

“Hey, it works. Got it from the guy down the street when he was having a yard sale. You know, the guy who looks like George Clooney? Wife looks like Marilyn Monroe?”

“She the one with the tig ol’ bitties?”

“Sure.” Kai didn’t even know how to react when Zack got crude like that. “Hey, one of my neighbors is dropping her son off to watch the game with us so try to tone down your language.”

“Kid’s got to learn some day.”

“He’s an eighteen year old kid so I’m sure he knows. It’s just his mom’s a little religious and she’s friends with my mom and—”

“Right, right. Keep it clean. Anyone else coming?”

“Isaiah said he might stop by.”

“Sure,” snorted Zack. “If his girlfriend lets him off the leash.”

Zack flipped through several channels before settling on an old sitcom. He set the remote down on the coffee table next to his beer and they both watched for a little while. Kai’s timer went off and he returned to the kitchen to turn over the wings. Zack put his feet up on the coffee table and leaned back on the couch. As he did so, his feet shifted and knocked over the can of beer. He jumped forward to grab it but just grazed the top with his fingertips, resulting in it falling over quicker.

The beer splashed out onto the remote before Zack could right the can. He looked around guiltily for anything to mop up the spill and left the remote sitting in the puddle while he ran into the kitchen to grab some paper towels. Kai was facing the oven, his back turned to the door and didn’t see Zack grab the paper towels and hurry back to the living room.

Zack mopped up the puddle as best he could before drying off the remote. He hoped it still worked. He tested it out, trying to flip some channels. The button was sticky with beer and it didn’t respond right away. He pressed the channel button harder and faster, hoping whatever residue was inside would rub off.

Finally, the channel started changing rapidly, responding to all the times he’d pressed the button. It settled on a documentary about an African tribe. A tiny electrical tremor shot through Zack’s hand and pulsed quickly through his whole body. He dropped the remote in surprise and it clanged onto the coffee table. Zack looked down at his hand and froze, his jaw dropping open.

His hand was smaller and with delicate feminine fingers. His pale white skin was now a rich chocolate brown. His other hand was the same. The knuckles were hairless, the arms feminine but toned. Each wrist was adorned with small bracelets that jangled as he moved. At this angle he noticed something in the bottom of his vision and dropped his gaze to stare at his chest, where two bare breasts now hung. They were exquisite. Round and firm, with a beautiful curve that sloped up slightly at the tip to the peak of each dark brown nipple.

Tan fabric was folded around his waist like a skirt. It was decorated with tribal emblems and left his long legs bare. Like the rest of his new body, his legs were slender but toned. Graceful and powerful. A huge solid necklace rested around his neck, and smaller beaded necklaces hung down between his breasts. A twisted dreadlock rested against his nipple. He grabbed it and yanked, grimacing as he felt it pull his head down. It was definitely his hair.

And his tits.

Zack brought his hands to his face and felt up his smooth contours, fingers brushing over his soft features, his broad nose and his high forehead. Glancing up at the television, he saw it was playing a documentary where tribal women sat around a fire sharpening tools. One of them, he realized, was dressed exactly like him, down to the strange heavy necklace around his neck.

“What de fuck?” He whispered in a heavily Afrikaan-accented voice.

Zack reached up to squeeze the tits on his chest and dropped them again when he realized how real they were. He heard the oven door shut but was frozen in shock, staring down at the tits that seemed so massive as Kai came around the corner.

Kai stopped and jumped back when he saw the strange tribal woman. “Who are you?”

“I’m Zack!” Zack said, looking up and putting a hand on his chest where he accidentally touched his breasts. He pulled his hand away quickly and looked down at himself, to the television, then back to Kai who was slowly backing away. Zack moved towards him. “No, it true. Listen…some-ting happened.” It didn’t help that he couldn’t shake the accent. Kai kept backing away and Zack shouted at him, “Don’t be a dickhead!”

Kai stopped then and peered closer at him. “Zack?”

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