No longer odd

"Oh, yes, baby, fuck mommy," Beth cried.
Her fingers were on her sensitive new clit, stroking furiously as her husband slid inside. She felt her canal stretching to take him, felt his warmth fill him as he plunged in, the tip of his dick just landing against the wall of her innermost pleasure.
"You like your son's dick inside you?" Henry breathed as he thrust inside her slick wet hole.
"Oh, yes!" Beth moaned, her new body jiggling with each thrust.
Beth and Henry were husband and wife who'd been swapped into the bodies of a mother and her adult son during the Great Shift. They'd just happened to be in the grocery store when there was a wave of dizziness and they found themselves in these new bodies.
The Great Shift supercharged their flagging sex life. Suddenly, their incest roleplay became much more real. It made Henry so hard thinking of how his cock was inside the pussy that this body had come out of. And it made Beth so wet to realize she was fucking the son of this body.
Once everything calmed down they got remarried. Henry didn't mind being younger and more energetic. And Beth didn't mind having a skinnier, hornier body. It was a win-win, except for the original mother and son, who would have been horrified to discover what the two were doing in their bodies. But the Shift changed a lot of things. It was no longer odd to see a mother and son in a sexual relationship.

Four friends accidentally discover that a mysterious remote control can transform them into duplicates of people on television in Remote Chance, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. Was wondering if we could switch it up maybe? I feel like the last 5 or so caps have been direct family swaps. Unless Freud is reading, then I have no problem, it’s just it has been a lot recently…

  2. You could do a part 2 with the mother and son adapting in their new bodies bit it would be very cool if somehow the son was inside the wife and the mother inside the husband

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