Such a momma’s boy

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Drew cried in his mom's voice, his body approaching an orgasm despite his distaste at being in his mom's body. 
His mom's hair tickled down his shoulders and her breasts bounced on his chest. He stared up at the ceiling so he didn't have to look down at his mom's naked body, though he could feel it moving and jiggling as the bully bounced him up and down on his cock. He didn't want to look at himself, didn't want to see the bully's cock spreading apart the walls of his pussy and disappearing inside him.
The bully tightened his grip on Drew's hips and shoved up inside him. "How you like your mom's wet pussy? 'Cause I like it a lot."
Drew had returned home from school that afternoon and been surprised to find the school bully standing in the kitchen while his mom sat demurely in a chair beside him. Then the bully pointed the ring at Drew and suddenly he was at the bully's mercy. The bully taunted the two of them for a little while, poking and pinching Drew's body while he was forced to remain still through the ring's magic.
It was when the bully decided to escalate things that it got really wild.
"Telling on me, huh?" The bully asked. "You're such a momma's boy." He suddenly grinned. "So maybe you should be a momma."
That was when he swapped their bodies and Drew suddenly found himself staring at his former body from behind his mom's eyes. The bully herded him upstairs and made Drew too horny to resists climbing on top of the bully's cock and riding to his mom's orgasm.

A procedure to transfer simple skills from one person to another goes wrong and clones a man’s mind in to his female friend’s body in Crossed Wires, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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