Swapping retreat

Ron and Jessica arrived at the swapping retreat in the mountains around midday. They'd driven up with their friends, Matt and Katie, and the four unpacked their luggage in their rooms before heading up to the rooftop deck to wait. Jessica smoked on a cigarette and tapped her foot.
"So when is this swap thing gonna--" She began in her own voice.
"-happen?" She asked, in Ron's voice.
Ron suddenly found himself holding a cigarette, staring down at his girlfriend's cleavage, which was tucked beneath a white top. The gorgeous curves looked so impossibly perfect from his new perspective. He took a drag on his cigarette, his body craving the nicotine.
Beside him, Katie turned to him, her hands on her tits. "Ron?" She asked.
Ron nodded, blowing out some smoke. The two transformed guys started pawing at each other, hands stroking each other's tits, gaping at their new bodies. Ron felt so incredibly soft and sensitive, and a wonderful new kind of ache started up deep inside him. They were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.
"Hey, guys," Jessica said, "Save some for us."
Ron looked over and smiled, noticing the bulge in his former pants. He swept his brunette hair out of his face and took another drag from his cigarette, now understanding the depths of his girlfriend's addiction.
Jessica slipped her large hand around Ron's tiny waist.
"Let's go back to our room and I'll show you how everything works."

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