Got what she wants

Ted's mom, Tricia, had taken to hanging all over Ted's friend, Sam, and giggling like a schoolgirl whenever he came over, only to snap out of it soon after.
One day, when Ted forgot a textbook and came home early to get it, he discovered their secret. Coming in through the back door, Ted froze at the sight of his mom on her knees in front of Sam in the kitchen. Her lips were wrapped around his cock, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she sucked on it. Ted quietly slipped down the hallway without being noticed, though he did hear Sam grunt, followed by the wet sounds of his mom swallowing.
Ted confronted Sam the next day after school.
"Yeah," Sam shrugged, "but she's a grown woman, she knows what she's doing. At least she got Maria off my back."
Maria was Sam's ex. Strangely, as the days went by, Ted noticed that his mom was acting more like Maria more often. She began spending all her time with Sam and neglecting Ted's dad. Ted stopped going into the living room after catching the two of them on the couch, Sam gripping Tricia from behind while she stroked his cock, until a burst of hot cum shot over her already wet pussy. She laughed and gave Ted a thumbs up when she saw him in the doorway.
Tricia soon divorced Ted's dad and married Sam. It was awkward for Ted having his best friend as a stepdad, exacerbated by the fact that the two fucked like rabbits, getting it on in every room in the house. Not a day passed where Ted didn't come home to find his mom sucking Sam's cock in the hallway or seeing Tricia spread eagled and being plowed by Sam in the backyard, moaning like a whore.
"Your mom's insatiable," Sam bragged. "Just like my ex."
The reason, of course, was that Maria had stolen Tricia's body and now, with Tricia's alimony, could afford to stay full time inside Tricia, spending all her days naked and waiting for Sam to come home so she could ride him.

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