Bangin’ body

It was bad enough that Logan's mom had been uploaded to for any pervert to possess her, but the worst of it was when a pornstar stole her body to use in a shoot.
The first Logan knew of it was when he came home from school one day to find the living room filled with cameras and lighting equipment, with some of the crew milling around in the kitchen. Logan's mom was in the corner having her makeup done.
"What's happening, mom?" Logan asked.
His mom turned to him, something in her eyes different. "Oh. I guess you're her son. Look, I got injured and I need this job so I'm just borrowing your mom's body for a day."
"What job?" Logan asked, though he had a good guess based on the fact she was wearing only a bathrobe.
Sure enough, when the cameras started rolling she tossed off the robe and a group of guys surrounded her. Logan's mom had always been shy and sort of conservative, so it was a shock to watch her lunge for every cock that came near her, fucking and sucking on them as quick as she could.
The men pawed at her body, stroking her tits and shoving their dicks into any hole they could find. Logan's mom disappeared into the scrum as the cameras rolled, giving Logan brief glimpses of her flesh as she switched positions, spreading her legs so one guy could slip into her wet opening as she wrapped her lips around a second cock and stroked off a third, all with a look of lust in her eye.
She moaned like a whore as the guys filled her, cumming inside her pink pussy and blowing their load into her mouth while she let it spill down her lips. She jerked off the final cock all over her perky tits.
When the director yelled 'cut' she was a happy, horny mess. But at least the pornstar cleaned Logan's mom off before leaving, which was more than some of the other people who'd borrowed her had done.

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