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Request: Hi I LOVE reading you captions!! My sister in law is a gorgeous brunette and I would love to see a caption of me (Alex) and and her (Abby) somehow switching bodies/lives and we think the only way to switch back is to fuck but really it locks us into our new bodies and we have to start our lives together since im pregnant now! Love you work! keep it up! gets me through a long day of work reading your stuff!

"We should at least give it a try," Abby murmured as she nuzzled against Alex, reaching around to grope one of her former breasts.
"I don't know," Alex replied. It was awkward being in his sister-in-law's body, feeling her long legs stretched out beneath him, feeling her heavy breasts swinging from her chest, and feeling his own former cock growing hard up against his new plump butt cheeks. The last thing he wanted to do was fuck himself, but they had no idea how to switch back.
"The spell did mention something about two bodies becoming one. Maybe this is what it meant," Abby said, kissing the back of Alex's neck.
Her kisses sent little shivers down Alex's spine. He'd always thought his sister-in-law was hot and now here he was in her body, being asked by her to get naked. The thought of seeing her nude made Alex a little warm and tingly. Abby's hands didn't hurt either, as they began roaming up and down Alex's body, following the gentle contours of his breasts and hips.
Alex closed his eyes and sank back into his former body, undulating his ass against the ever-hardening cock. Abby took it as a sign of acceptance, and helped him slip out of his top and panties. Abby's tits tumbled down Alex's chest and he took hold of them with a soft sigh, greedy for his new body, his fingers circling the soft skin.
	Abby gripped Alex's ass and her cock found his slickening opening. The head of her dick pressed against his moistening lips. There was a deep pressure between his legs and then she slid inside him. Alex furrowed his little brow as he was filled, a not-unplesant feeling of heat and girth plunging into his opening. Abby gripped his fatter butt and slipped in and out of her former body, while Alex found himself getting into it, little moans escaping his lips as he pushed his ass back, wanting her to sink deeper inside.
	They moved in a quick rhythm, Abby fucking him with his own cock, until she gripped his ass and sunk deep, grunting in his ear as she came. He felt the shaft throbbing inside him, soon followed by the spurt of heat. Alex came then, his body quivering lightly at the delightful new sensations running through him, at the sight and sound of his sister-in-law's body getting fucked, at the feel of the perfect cock lodged deep inside.
	When they were done they collapsed back on the bed, still in each other's bodies. Alex worried as Abby's cum dripped out of him. And he was right to. Not only had the spell become permanent but he was now pregnant with his own child. It was horribly awkward explaining everything to their families, but in the end they figured the only solution was to marry each other. That did mean plenty of time to explore their new bodies together.

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