Never Gonna Give You Up (Body Possession)

A woman who can switch her mind into other bodies uses her ability to stalk her ex’s new girlfriend and steal her life in Never Gonna Give You Up on Smashwords and Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

Ariana is a body hopper, flitting from body to body, possessing them utterly but without being able to access their memories. When she hops out, the host is left with no memory, only a blank spot and some lost time.

Ariana uses her abilities to please her lover, Logan, taking whoever she thinks he desires and letting him do whatever he wants with her exotic new bodies. All is going well until the day Logan breaks up with her.

But Ariana refuses to let him go.

She stalks him through a succession of bodies, determined to get back together with him. Her only hope at happiness is to possess the body of Logan’s long-time friend and crush, Penny. But Ariana can’t just hop her; she has to observe Penny, mimic her so completely that Logan will never realize when Ariana finally slips inside her forever. But first, there’s the little matter of Penny’s boyfriend.

It’s going to be fun taking over Penny’s life, but it’s going to be even more fun ruining it.

This 11,000+ word story contains FtF and FtM body possession, and explicit erotic scenes.

I’m still laughing about Denise when we arrive at Logan’s apartment. He shuts the door behind us and I turn to him, pressing my new hands against his chest. These hands are soft and delicate, the fingernails painted a deep burgundy. They’ve never done a hard day’s work. This pampered princess is my gift to him. Logan grabs my hands but instead of kissing them he looks down at me angrily.

“Why did you do that, Ariana?”

“Do what?”

“Take this woman’s body and leave Denise there.”

“You don’t like her?” I look down at the tight little body I possess, at the taut pair of breasts sticking out invitingly from my chest, at the jeans that are practically painted on to my legs and which highlight my perfect heart shaped ass. Okay, these tits are much smaller, but it all works together. What could Logan possibly have against perfection?

“What if Penny sees Denise? What do you think she’ll say if she finds my current girlfriend alone in the bar insisting she’s someone else?”

“Oh, so this is about Penny?” I scowl and pull back from him, balling my hands into tiny fists.

“No,” he insists, running his hands through his wild brown hair. “It’s about everything. It’s about you taking these people’s lives. I’ve never seen you do it before and I didn’t realize–”

“You didn’t realize what I am? Without someone else’s body I don’t exist. I choose them for you, baby. Maybe if I’d taken Penny you’d be a lot more grateful.”

“No! Don’t take–” He shouts, then softer: “No. No. That’s– that’s not what I meant. I know you’re a hopper.”

I let him take my fists and he runs his thumbs across the back of each hand, stroking me gently.

“I don’t need you to take anyone,” he says, “Not like that.”

“I just want to make you happy. I’m yours and you’re mine.” I frown.

“I know,” he says, and kisses the back of my hands.

“When I see you with Penny–” I start but he pulls me close and shushes me with a kiss.

“Let’s not think about Penny. Let’s just think about us.”

There’s an odd tone to his voice but we kiss again and I forget my worries as I melt into him. This petite blonde body I’m in is sexy and fun as hell. I drape my arms around Logan’s neck and suck on his tongue, enjoying his masculine taste while I rest my perky tits against his chest. He grips me firmly by the waist and we kiss urgently. His hands feel so big on my tiny body and I get the feeling he could throw me around and do what he wants with me. The feeling of powerlessness is a thrill that sends little shivers down my spine.

Still kissing, I drag my hands down his shoulder blades and then down his back, before slipping beneath his shirt to run my fingers across his pecs. He’s warm and firm. Everything I need.

We undress each other with reckless abandon, throwing clothes across the room until we’re both naked. We take the time to look down at my body, admiring this woman’s petite form. I do a little spin for Logan, sliding my hands around the enticing curves of my taut ass, showing off this stranger’s naked body. My tits are small and firm, rising to sharp peaks, the nipples just out, hard as diamonds. My blonde hair spills down my shoulders and my laugh is high pitched and cute as Logan strokes my cheek. He stares deeply into my eyes before taking me back in his arms. His cock is hard and pressed against my stomach. My hands slide down between us and I grasp him, stroking gently.

His warm cock fills my hand as I stroke it, feeling impossibly big beneath my tiny fingers. His hands find my tits, squeeze gently, then glide down my back to my ass and cup each butt cheek. He squeezes once and returns his attention to my tits. He’s greedy for my new body and he explores me by touch while we continue kissing. His hands work across my chest as my hand moves up and down his shaft and soon his warm pre-cum is dotted on my stomach.

I get on my knees in front of him, eager to please, knowing exactly how to please him. His cock is bold and throbbing, pointing at my face. I open my new mouth and take him in between my soft red lips, closing my eyes in ecstasy as his warmth slides between my lips and across my tongue. I drag my mouth down his delicious cock as far as I can before pulling back up, leaving his shaft slick and shiny. I pull off, a strand of saliva still connecting my lips to the head of his cock. I look up at him with wide, innocent eyes and he returns my gaze and strokes my cheek.

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    1. Oh I completely agree because I was thinking “Fake it till you make it” right? But how long can you fake being someone before you eventually become that person. All those nuances and mannerisms will become second nature and become your nuances and mannerisms.

      Or I can see it where she starts to get the itch to hop other people again, and doesn’t want to hurt Logan so she would have to possibly switch between Logan and Penny just so Penny doesn’t flip out and upset Logan….or some unexpected financial issues and she needs to swap to keep things smooth in their life.

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