Not your mom

"Jesus, mom, what the fuck?" Jason cried, covering his eyes.
His mom, Olivia, sat on the couch in the living room, completely naked. Her legs were spread wide, revealing her pink pussy, the lips wet and swollen with lust. She didn't appear to care at all what she looked like to her son.
"Oh, hey dude," she said, pulling her finger out of her pussy and licking her juices off. "I'm not your mom, I mean, obvs. I just found her on and thought I'd borrow her for an hour or so."
"Get out of her!" Jason said.
"No way, man, I paid for the full hour. You can watch or you can get the fuck out."
With that, the man inside Olivia made her lay back before raising her foot to her face to lick each toe, her eyes closed in ecstasy.
"Damn, your mom's got some delicious feet." She murmured.
She slipped her tongue between each tiny toe before sucking on her biggest, all the while growing hornier and wetter. 
Jason ran to his room and logged onto the site, frantically trying to find a way to cancel the order and get his mom back in her body.
But Olivia remained in the living room, still sucking on a toe and now bringing one hand in between her thighs to stroke her wet pussy. Even with his door closed Jason could hear her crying out in ecstasy as she came, again and again.
Olivia returned to her body mid-orgasm, her toe in her mouth, her fingers deep inside her, surprised at the pleasure roaring through her as she bucked and came for the final time.

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