Joined in delight

Request: Hey! Thank you so much for taking my last request! If you don’t mind me throwing out one more request, could I please request a cap about a guy whose scientist aunt wants him to help test a body swapping machine but it malfunctions and now him and his aunt are stuck in her body and both have to share it/take it in turns controlling it?

Tyler stared down at his aunt's naked body with delight, spreading his legs to admire the little pussy tucked between, already beginning to grow warm with his desire. He raised his hand to bring it between his legs but felt his aunt stop him, speaking up in his mind:
What are you doing?
"The only way this is going to work is if we take turns, Kira. This is my turn and this is what I want to do." Tyler said aloud in his aunt's wonderful voice.
Tyler and his aunt, Kira, had accidentally had their minds merged into Kira's body as a result of a body swap machine test gone wrong. They'd agreed to share Kira's body, taking turns being in control. This was Tyler's first turn since the swap.
But this is my body!
"It's our body for the time being and I need to get used to it."
Kira's thoughts had been bleeding through into Tyler's mind, and he figured it worked the other way around. And in fact, Kira did feel Tyler's attraction for her own body. She saw herself through a stranger's eyes, delighted to stare down at her naked tits, at her legs spread way to reveal her puffy pink folds.
She released his hand and he slipped it between their legs, fingers landing on the warm pussy lips. He stroked softly and, guided by Kira, soon found the spot that made his body vibrate with delight.
He slipped his fingers deeper into his wet warmth, their pleasure joining together as Tyler fingered himself to a moaning, crying orgasm, clasping his tits as Kira delighted in Tyler's lust for her body.

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  1. Thank you so much yet again, this is great! I’m such a sucker for caps where 20 something guys end up as milfs in some way or another 😄

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