Like a treat

"This pussy feels so good, brah," Jordan said, spreading his legs and stroking himself in the middle of the sorority house as the other women wrinkled their noses in disgust.
Jordan had become even more insufferable after being involved in a lab accident on campus that had switched him into the body of Lauren, one of the women in the nearby sorority. They'd switched houses, thinking it would be more comfortable for the others, but Jordan was treating his new house as though it were the porno of his dreams.
He regularly walked around half naked, his breasts swinging back and forth, fondling himself whenever the need struck him, which was almost always. It seemed that even being in a woman's body hadn't taught him any lessons about respect. Word had reached Lauren and she was mortified about what he was doing, but Jordan refused to be stopped.
"It's my body, yo, I can do what the fuck I want."
Jordan came loudly, moaning and clutching his swinging breasts as his fingers sunk deep into his new pussy.
"Oh, fuck yeah, look at that little puss." He said, sucking on his wetness.
Body swap or no, the others couldn't stand him and they soon kicked him out. Jordan ended up back at the frat house, which was a little awkward for Lauren watching her body being passed around like a treat from room to room.

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  1. Can you make caption where a bully possses the body of this boys mom and does nasty things, like make her shit her pants and and eating her boogers and taking a shit in her daughters food

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