Surprise and desire

Request: Hi, could you do one where the great shift swaps a guy and his sister, into the husband and wife next door while they are having sex. He become the wife, and she becomes the husband.

Molly and her brother, Joel, were home from college for the break. They were making lunch in the kitchen – Molly reaching for the sliced turkey, Joel pouring himself some soda – when the Great Shift happened.
Molly found herself suddenly in another kitchen. She was gripping a woman from behind, but the arms and the fingers that she could feel were brawnier, harrier. She was a man, and she felt so damn good, her body roiling with a restless anticipation. She appeared mid-thrust as, between her legs, something – her new cock – plunged deep into a warm, wet pussy and she groaned involuntarily at the pleasure, a deep baritone groan of need.
Joel found himself bent over a stranger’s kitchen countertop. the hands holding him up were slender, with beautifully manicured nails. Silky hair spilled down his neck. His body felt off, too small and with strange curves and something warm and hard sliding into him. Joel’s whole body was filled with a delicious pleasure that threatened to spill over into something amazing. Joel’s mouth dropped open and he cried out, a half gasp of surprise and desire.
Joel’s mistake was to panic and try to push himself up, which caused his ass to thrust back and Molly’s cock to sink deep, deep inside. Molly didn’t have mastery of her new body and lost control as she was surrounded by the perfect heat of Joel’s pussy. Her cock throbbed and she came, gripping Joel’s wide hips, unable to resist as she emptied herself into him, eyes closed as the pleasure took her away.
It was only when she finished that she regained her senses, and the two had to reconcile themselves to the fact that they were stuck in the body of the husband and wife next door forever.

A young man finds a way to possess other people and concocts a plan to ruin his former teacher’s life by becoming those around her and having some very sexy fun along the way in Going Down, available only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.


  1. Part 2 the “husband” and “wife” start to think more like brother and sister. The “brother” and “sister” are going to become mother and father.

  2. Part two could be the (new) husband and wife watching the (new) brother and sister now acting like a married couple!

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