Payback (Chapter 5)

Peyton is forced to come crawling back to his old job in his new body, but will have to perform some special favors before they’ll hire him in Payback (Chapter 5), available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

Peyton was dabbing at his face with a washcloth, trying to wipe the cum off his face without destroying his makeup when there was a knock on the door. Peeking through the keyhole, he saw Madeline and Paige in the hallway. They were both dressed in hot black dresses, looking as if they were heading out to the club.

“Open up, Peyton, we know you’re in there!” Madeline sang out.

“Go away,” he called out.

“And miss rubbing it in your pretty little face?” Page said. “I don’t think.”

Madeline snickered and a second later Peyton’s front door sprung open, nearly knocking him down. He took a few unsteady steps back as Madeline and Page waltzed in.

“Did you really think a silly little lock is going to keep out our magic?” Madeline sniffed.

“If you’re here to watch me grovel forget it. I’m going to break your fucking spell on your own terms.” Peyton growled.

“And how’s that going for you?” Paige asked.

She waved her hands in a complicated gesture and a portal opened in the air between them. In it, Peyton saw images of himself from just a few minutes ago with Ben. There he was kneeling in front of that asshole. There he was getting a face full of cum and then arguing. Madeline and Page laughed as the images winked out existence.

“Looks like you really got what was cumming for you,” Madeline snickered.

“And that doesn’t even count towards your quota,” Paige added. “You gotta swallow.”

“How’s it feel being used like that by some dickbag?” Madeline said, moving closer to Peyton, who retreated from her until he bumped up against the wall. “You better get those pretty lips of yours moving, Peyton.”

“Tick tock,” Paige said, closing in on him. “Unless, of course, you want to stay like this forever.”

“Maybe he likes it.”

“Do you like it? Do you like being a little bitch to any man who looks your way?”

“What are your numbers like so far? Have you even got one yet?”

“Let’s see.”

Paige again made the complicated gesture and the portal sprang up. This time it was just a quick scene of Peyton’s two successes: the random guy at the mall, and Gerard. Watching them made Peyton teary-eyed as his heart sprang back up into his throat. God, he loved them so much. His lower lip began to quiver as grief filled him.

“Aww, look at him,” Madeline said. “He’s so in love. And they won’t even call you. Now you know how it feels to be treated like shit by guys like you.”

“Maybe we should make the spell worse,” Paige suggested. “Dumb him down. Turn him into a bimbo slut.”

“No. Better to leave it to him so when he’s on his knees, his lips wrapped around some dickhead’s cock, he knows it’s all his choice. He chose to be a slut.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Come on, Madeline, let’s get out of here.”

Madeline gave Peyton the finger and followed Paige out the door. Peyton rushed to shut it behind them, relieved they didn’t make the spell worse, but still saddened by the images of his past loves. The heartache was just as bad now as it was immediately after he’d been rejected. He ran to the bedroom and threw himself on the bed, crying himself to sleep.

The next morning he awoke puffy-faced and miserable. He spent an hour and a half in front of the makeup mirror, scrubbing away last night’s makeup and putting on a fresh face before curling his hair into golden waves that spilled down his shoulders. He was getting better at this. The cute woman in the mirror didn’t look so alien this morning.

Coming out of the bathroom, Peyton was ready to start the day. That’s when it dawned on him that there wasn’t much day to start. He no longer had a job. He had no ID for this body. No past. No references. The only thing he’d known was venture capital management. But what kind of firm would hire a hot young woman with no references? It would have to be an office full of sleazeballs.

The elevator doors opened on Peyton’s old firm. He was dressed in a skimpy red dress that clung to his form. All his outfits were slutty because the mere thought of wearing an outfit that didn’t show off his body made him physically sick thanks to the magic. The tight red dress was the closest thing to office attire he had. The dress pressed his tits up into generous cleavage while the bottom of the dress barely made it past his thighs. Even his makeup was too sexy for the office, highlighting his big blue eyes with winged eyeliner and his pouty lips with rich red lipstick.

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