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Request: I am a big fan of shapeshifters. Any shapeshifting story would be amazing, thank you!

“Bullshit,” Dylan snorted.
“It’s true,” Blake insisted.”I can shapeshift into anyone. I just need a picture.”
“Fine, turn into her,” Dylan said, showing Blake an add that had just popped up on his iPad. It featured a slender blonde in a pink dress.
“Pick someone else. A guy.”
Blake had never transformed into a woman before and wasn’t sure he could do it.
“Whatever then. Don’t.”
“Ok, ok, ok, I’ll do it.”
Blake leaned over and looked at the picture. He concentrated hard. His powers had just manifested and he was still trying to learn. The seconds ticked by and Dylan was just beginning to wonder what the punchline was when Blake transformed.
Blake’s body rippled and in an instant his six foot bulky frame was replaced with a slender feminine body hugged tight by a pink dress. Blake stood and looked down at himself. He felt so much lighter, so much smaller. There was an emptiness between his legs that he was dying to explore, and a weight on his chest that was wonderful to gape at. He ran a hand down the curve of his ass, marveling at the transformation. So this was what it felt like to become a woman?
Dylan’s mouth dropped open as he stared at the beautiful blonde his friend had become.
Blake twirled around to face him. “See? I told you.”
Silently, Dylan reached out to touch him, running his own hand down Blake’s ass, still trying to process what had happened, needing to touch him to believe it.
Dylan’s touch was pleasant, and made Blake wonder what it would feel like to do everything as a woman.

A young man finds a way to possess other people and concocts a plan to ruin his former teacher’s life by becoming those around her and having some very sexy fun along the way in Going Down, available only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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