Poke her

Request: James is playing a high stakes poker game with what he thinks is an unbearable hand, but he’s low on funds. His opponent throws a swap pad into the pot and tells James her can play the hand of he puts up his wife’s body as collateral, he’s tired of the body his current mistress is using. He agrees and loses the hand in an amazing stroke of a bad luck. He’s then forced to watch the people he was playing with take turns fucking this man’s horny mistress in the body that used to belong to his wife right on the table.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” James groaned, tossing his cards onto the table.
His buddy, Alan, grinned as he collected the chips and James’s handwritten note. James’s wife was going to kill him. He’d run out of money but he was so confident he had a winning hand that he’d willingly agreed to throw his wife’s body into the pot. Her body wasn’t even his to bet and now Alan was going to transfer his mistress’s mind into it.
James’s wife had been upstairs, leaving the guys alone to play poker. She came down a few minutes later and James could immediately see she was a different person. It was in her mannerisms, and the way she walked, and the sexy outfit, and the way she sat in Alan’s lap.
“Thank you for this body, baby,” she said, stroking Alan’s cheek.
It made James so mad to watch his wife kiss his buddy so passionately. But it was even worse when she tossed off her clothes and Alan spun her around to take her from behind. She rested on the table, ass curving out behind as Alan slid into her wet pussy and began fucking her. James’s other “friends” gathered around, and she invited them to join. In minutes, James’s wife was in the middle of a gangbang, taking a cock in every hole. The mistress ate them all up, literally and figuratively. She moaned with James’s wife’s voice as she enjoyed several stolen orgasms.
James didn’t have to stick around to watch his wife get covered in cum, nor to watch her suck and fuck her way through all the guys. But he felt guilty as hell, so he did.

A young man finds a way to possess other people and concocts a plan to ruin his former teacher’s life by becoming those around her and having some very sexy fun along the way in Going Down, available only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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