So wrong

“Seems like you’re enjoying this,” Evan purred as he crept closer to Ian. Evan paused, closing his eyes as his body shook lightly from Billy’s tongue as it gently lapped at Evan’s borrowed pussy. He opened his eyes, his face so close to Ian’s. “I am, too,” Evan whispered.
Still gazing into Ian’s eyes, Evan rested his hand on Billy’s pussy and stroked his budding clit. Ian continued sliding into his girlfriend’s wet hole as his friend in her sister’s body stroked up and down her slit..
“This is so wrong,” Ian said, horny as hell from watching his girlfriend and her sister lick each other. The wrongness of it all didn’t stop him from sliding into his girlfriend and bringing his lips to her sister’s.
Ian reached up and cupped his girlfriend’s sister’s perfect tits as they made out. Billy made little mewing noises as he was fucked, his tongue working circles across Evan’s clit.
Ian’s friends had possessed Ian’s girlfriend and her sister and were determined to turn the weekend getaway into a weekend orgy. At first it was just the two of them, licking and fingering each other as Ian protested. But they soon broke him. It was impossible to resist the two gorgeous women begging for his cock.
Ian threw his girlfriend onto the kitchen counter and plunged into her. Her moans were soon muffled by her sister’s pussy as Evan climbed atop her.
The two would remember everything that they’d done while they were possessed, and they would think it was all their idea. The result was that, even after the weekend of debauchery, Ian’s girlfriend and her sister were always eager to team up to satisfy him.

A young man finds a way to possess other people and concocts a plan to ruin his former teacher’s life by becoming those around her and having some very sexy fun along the way in Going Down, available only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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