Going Down

A young man finds a way to possess other people and concocts a plan to ruin his former teacher’s life by becoming those around her and having some very sexy fun along the way in Going Down, available only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.

Aaron’s life is in shambles. He lives in a trailer park with his deadbeat dad and works at a crappy fast food place. Naturally, he blames his problems on someone else: the hot high school teacher who got him expelled several years ago. When he finds a website that lets him possess people, he thinks he’s found the perfect way to get his revenge.

But Aaron’s sexy blonde teacher is too expensive for him to possess. Before he can possess her, he’s going to have to bring her price down by ruining her perfect life.

He’ll start with her best friend. Then her husband. And if everything goes to plan, he’ll finally be able to possess the teacher herself. It’s not all revenge, though. Having these new bodies gives Aaron plenty of time to explore some sexy fun as other people.

Aaron’s old man was passed out on the couch again. He didn’t even stir when Aaron let the flimsy door slam behind him. Aaron grabbed a beer from the fridge and guzzled it while standing in the tiny kitchen of their mobile home. He couldn’t legally drink for another year but no one was going to stop him.

Aaron leaned on the cracked and splintered lino counter and uttered a loud belch. He’d just finished his late night shift at Speedy’s and returned home smelled of fry grease and hamburgers. The wind whistled through a crack in the door, sending a freezing blast of air around Aaron’s ankles and making his dad snort in his sleep. Aaron picked some newspaper pages off the stacks of detritus around the living room, balled them up and shoved them in the crack beneath the door to keep the wind out.

His dad would be out for hours and Aaron left him on the couch. The television was still on and the anchors on the news channel were bleating about immigrants overrunning the country, men dressing as women, and other horrors that were certain to destroy America somehow. Aaron went back to his room, which was almost entirely taken up by a small cot scattered with clothes. He brushed them onto the floor before collapsing onto his flimsy mattress.

Aaron pulled out his phone and jumped onto the neighbor’s mobile network. The old bag had been too stupid to set it up on her own so Aaron had volunteered to help and swiped her password in the process. He’d also swiped her cigarettes and would have taken anything else worth stealing, but there was nothing but a bunch of worthless old lady knickknacks lying around.

He thought maybe one day he’d get out of this place. Just had to save up his money. Unfortunately, the local pigs kept fining him for bullshit: trespassing, breaking and entering, speeding. It wasn’t Aaron’s fault there was nothing to do in this shithole of a town.

Aaron lay on his back, scrolling aimlessly through his social media feed. Some jackoff from high school had friended him a while ago and now the news popped up on Aaron’s feed that that jackoff had recently gotten promoted at his job. Whoopty fucking shit.

That, of course, led down a rabbit hole as Aaron followed the links from that high school friend back to other students he’d known from high school. He couldn’t really say he was friends with any of them, but he knew of them. There was that annoying fatass kid with the asthma who was, no surprise, some sort of IT nerd. Ooh, there was Melissa, the big-titted cheerleader. Aaron saved a photo of her in a bikini to his phone for a spank session later. There was Bradley, one of the football players, now selling shoes. What a loser. And then he found Mrs. Green.

Courtney Green. Aaron’s English teacher. The one who’d failed him and gave him detention so many times and set him on this downward spiral. She’d had it out for him from the beginning. Hated him. Punished him for the tiniest thing because she had the world’s biggest stick up her ass. A nice ass, to be sure, and one which Aaron wanted to shove his stick up. Aaron was confident if he’d graduated high school he wouldn’t be living in this dump of a trailer with his drunken dad. But Courtney godamn Green had fucked all that up for him.

More like Cunt-ney Green, Aaron chuckled at his own wit.

Was it worse that Courtney was, as well as the world’s biggest bitch, a hot piece of ass that gave Aaron a little chub? She had a pretty face, a wicked figure, tits to die for, and the aforementioned ass. Too bad she couldn’t dress worth a shit, always wearing these ugly floral blouses that sagged down her body.

Aaron flipped through the photos and the wall of messages on Courtney’s feed. There were lots of sappy engagement photos and messages of congratulations for her and some asshole named Christian. He looked like some sort of Army dude. Blonde crew cut. Muscly arms. White-toothed smile.

Fuck, why did Courtney get everything good after fucking Aaron’s life up? She didn’t deserve it. There was no justice.

Looked like she was getting married soon. Her best friend, Steph, was to be her maid of honor and was setting up some sort of engagement party for the two of them next week. Steph wasn’t bad looking either. A pretty brunette with wavy hair and an enticing grin on her cute face. Aaron wouldn’t mind ruining her and Courtney both.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, stroking himself off to thoughts of Courtney and Steph on their knees as he coated them with cum. He finished just as his phone ran out of battery. Aaron had a knack for perfect timing. Aaron plugged in his phone before rolling onto his side and settling in for sleep.

Aaron’s alarm jolted him awake the next morning. Way too fucking early but he had to pull a turnaround shift because nobody wanted to work anymore. Fortunately, he was still dressed in his uniform so he just threw on some deodorant, rinsed with some mouthwash, and was ready to go.

Aaron’s dad was still asleep when he left. The frigid wind whipped through Aaron’s threadbare jacket and he shivered and hugged himself as he waited for the first bus of the morning to take him back to Speedy’s.

Fucking Courtney.

Aaron worked the grill so he didn’t have to deal with customers, thank god. They’d tried him on cashier once and it had been an utter disaster. It wasn’t Aaron’s fault. The stupid dickhole customer had kept changing his mind and gotten Aaron all confused. It was perfectly reasonable to shout at a customer that had shouted at him first. Aaron stared blankly at the sizzling meat in front of him, lost in thought.

Fucking Courtney.

Aaron couldn’t get her out of his head. He’d done a good job of forgetting since high school but seeing her smiling face brought it all back. Why did she get to be so happy and he didn’t? Such bullshit.

After his shift that afternoon he sat outside on a plastic chair and finished his giant soda while he flipped through his phone. The pictures of Courtney’s smiling face just made him angrier until he was rage-scrolling through her pictures, glaring at the happy faces of her and her fiancé and her friends. Dark notions of revenge flared to light in his mind. He wanted to make her life as miserable as his.

He didn’t know how he came about it. Maybe a pop-up ad, or an accidental click on another link, but he suddenly found himself on a site called bodypossession.com. The motto at the top of the site “Be the person you want to be” sounded like trite new age bullshit and he was about to click away when he caught site of the smiling photo of someone who looked exactly like Courtney.

Clicking on her face brought him to a page with a bigger picture. Her name was splashed above a copy of one of the photos Aaron had rage-scrolled past that very afternoon. Beneath was a list of what purported to be her physical measurements—not bad!—and some basic information about her life. Beneath all that was some text describing how one could have everything Courtney had by using this website to put one’s mind inside her body.

The hell?

Aaron clicked on the price list. Damn, she was expensive. Much more expensive than Aaron could afford. But beneath that was a button offering a one minute free trial.

Aaron grinned as he thought of all the mischief he could get up to inside her body. It was obviously impossible but intriguing. What was the catch? He cocked his head and pushed the button for a free trial.

In an instant he was no longer sitting outside the Speedy’s parking lot. Between one blink and the next he suddenly found himself standing at the front of his old high school English classroom. Thirty or so students were looking at him expectantly, some with more glazed expressions than others.

Aaron was holding a book in his hand which he dropped, startled to find himself the center of attention in his old high school. Some of the kids laughed and Aaron blushed a deep crimson. It was like a nightmare. He bent to pick the book up and froze. The arms reaching for the book weren’t his freckled, hairy arms. The skin was smooth, the muscles slender, the fingers thinner than his own. Feminine. The nails were a light pink.

Aaron gasped and heard a fluttery feminine voice escape his lips. He glanced down and found he was wearing a floral blouse. From his vantage point he also found himself looking right down the neck of his outfit. Two nicely plump breasts were held in place by a black bra.

Aaron stood slowly, gazing down at the cleavage that hung just below his nose. He swiped at something silky that fell across his face and found that he’d grabbed a handful of fine brunette hair.

“Mrs. Green, are you okay?” A student in the front row spoke up.

Aaron looked up at her, his mouth opening and closing wordlessly. Then he looked back down at himself, his lips quirking into a devilish grin. He raised his hand towards his chest to fondle Mrs. Green’s sweet globes but before he could make contact he was suddenly back in the Speedy’s parking lot.

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