Best part of the day

“Fuck, that’s the best part of the day,” Joseph murmured appreciatively as he slipped his boss’s bra down and her impressive breasts came into view. The relief from unstrapping his bra was immense. It was followed immediately by the pleasure of his fingers stroking each breast. He enjoyed the plump softness as he rolled the skin between his slender new fingers and his nipples spiked to attention. In the two months since the Great Shift, Joseph had become adept at bringing his new body to orgasm after work, and tonight was no exception. In moments his boss’s moans filled the roam and his fingers were deep in her slick pussy, his body shaking as he came hard.
Joseph and his boss, Deborah, had been working late in the office when the Great Shift occurred. Joseph suddenly found himself sitting next to his own body. They both panicked, Joseph all too aware of every new jiggle of his body as he desperately tried not to look down into the cleavage just below his line of vision. They eventually found out that it wasn’t just them. This had happened to just about everyone in the world. But, as with everything, eventually people acclimated.
It was awkward taking orders from his boss in his old body. Just because he looked like her didn’t mean he now had her role. Eventually they explained to all their clients that they had swapped but it would be business as usual. And it was, at least in the office.
Joseph’s home life was another matter. For the first few weeks Joseph was content to come home, undress, and masturbate until he came so hard the world seemed to spin. But lately he was wondering what it would be like to go out in this body. His boss had given him all her clothes and there were some really hot dresses in there. Maybe it was time to go out into the world in his new form.

Layton is trapped in a beautiful body that is not his own, filled with strange new vampire powers as well as a lust for blood, and hated or feared by everyone in Lord Covaci’s castle. Can he escape and return to his own life? Or will he be trapped forever as his dark lord’s mistress? Dark Lord’s Mistress 2 is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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