Didn’t talk about it

“Oh my god, brah, having a pussy is fucking awesome. Look at this shit,” Jayden said, yanking up his skirt and stroking his new pussy. He smiled in wonder as his fingers found his slit and he began teasing himself while Blake watched on.
“Isn’t that, like, your aunt’s body?” Blake asked.
“Yeah, but she’s hot as shit and her pussy…” he sighed, his fingers still working his new sex. “It feels fucking awesome. Does this look hot to you?” Jayden paused and glanced up happily at his friend.
“What did you aunt say when she realized why you two had swapped bodies?” Blake said, trying to change the subject and hide his growing erection.
“She hasn’t said anything,” Jayden replied. “I think she’s just trying to pretend that nothing happened to avoid the awkwardness.”
Jayden’s hot aunt had been visiting and Jayden had slipped up to his room to masturbate about her when the FOSE hit and he suddenly found himself back downstairs, sitting around the living room, and in her body. He knew she’d found herself inside his body, her hand on her dick, cum spurting down her fingers. But she never said a word. Oh, everyone eventually understood what had happened, but they just didn’t talk about it.
It did make Jayden’s fantasies of his aunt that much easier to enact. He’d grown fond of his new body, quickly mastering his pussy and enjoying multiple orgasms each night. It was time to move on to trying out his new pussy with a cock, and he hoped that his buddy, Blake’s, would be a perfect fit.

Layton is trapped in a beautiful body that is not his own, filled with strange new vampire powers as well as a lust for blood, and hated or feared by everyone in Lord Covaci’s castle. Can he escape and return to his own life? Or will he be trapped forever as his dark lord’s mistress? Dark Lord’s Mistress 2 is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


  1. He enjoyed all the benefits of his aunt’s body and the sex with his buddy until he experienced his first period! Zoe

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