Suddenly her sibling 2

Hannah continued groping her former tits as her brother's cock grew hard. She shimmied her pants down, amazed at the size of the cock that jumped up to greet her, the tip of it thumping against her former nose.
"Holy shit," she whispered, grabbing her former tit with one hand again while she stroked her cock with the other.
The feeling was intense and immediate, localized right at the base. The sensations felt so good and as she stroked herself her new cock bumped up against her former lips, leaving a dot of precum on her face. She wondered what it would be like to have her cock sucked and, as the mouth was hers, it wasn't like she was forcing herself on anyone.
Hannah stopped groping herself long enough to spread her former lips and slip her cockhead into her own warm, wet mouth. Fuck, that felt so good. Hot and wet. No wonder guys liked blowjobs. She grabbed her former tits again and gripped her own female head, slowly dragging her plump lips up and down her new cock, using her own face to fuck herself.
Marco blinked awake. He was lying on his side and there was something warm and semi-firm filling his mouth. He appeared to be lying on someone's lap with something heavy tumbling down his chest and...holy shit he was sucking a dick. He opened his mouth to protest but that was when Hannah shoved him back down and he gagged on his own cock. Hannah realized he was awake and attempted to stop herself but it was too late. She came, pumping hot cum down her former throat as her brother choked and spit it out. His own cum dripped down his new lips and his huge cock was lying right in front of his slender little nose as Hannah apologized profusely.

I needed to know if my college crush still liked me, so I possessed her body for a weekend examine her memories and enjoy her life in Back Together, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. I love this caption and the last! Swapping with a man and using my old body to get a blow job is something I fantasize quite a lot about. Thanks for doing more f2m caps that focus on the girls perspective lately!!!

    1. Would you like to roleplay? I often fantasize about swapping with a woman who blackmails me into giving a blow job to my former body by threatening to ruin my life/not swap back.

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