Suddenly her sibling

"Feeling better?" Hannah's brother, Marco, asked.
"I think so," Hannah responded, clutching her pink robe tight and easing herself down onto the couch.
She'd taken a shower in the hopes of chasing the dizziness away, and maybe it had made it better? It was hard to tell. Ever since picking up that strange meteorite she'd felt lightheaded. As she sat with her brother on the couch a bigger wave of dizziness washed over her and she slumped over towards Marco.
In an instant the world seemed to jump slightly and the lightheadedness disappeared. She felt bigger somehow, but before she could even register that someone's head landed on her lap. She looked down, recognizing the pink robe, the auburn hair in her lap, but the hand resting between her legs was her brother's.
"What?" She asked, hearing his baritone voice spill from new lips.
She pulled her arm out from beneath her former body, and in the process knocked her robe aside. One of her -- former? -- breasts tumbled free. Hannah stared down at her brother's body, which she was now inside, then back down at her feminine form. Seeing her bare breast made something twitch between her legs. She'd never seen herself from this angle, and she couldn't keep her eyes off her tits. She grabbed one, wrapping her fingers around it and squeezing.
"Whoa. Shit. So this is why guys like tits," she whispered as her cock grew harder.
She needed to find a way back to her own body. But she also needed to release this pressure that was suddenly building up at the sight of her own half-naked body beside her. And, after all, it was herself so she was consenting.

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