Come on hunny

"Come on, hunny, suck my dick like you mean it," Rebecca sneered, looking down her broad, masculine body while her boss, in her body, wrapped his lips around her dick. "Wasn't it you who joked that sometimes you gotta give head to get ahead?"
Rebecca watched him grimace as he tried to take her new cock all in, opening his mouth wide and pushing his lips as far as he could down his own shaft. Her cock felt so good surrounded by the hot wet heat of her pretty little mouth. And the sight of her lovely body on her knees made Rebecca moan with delight.
Rebecca was a lowly assistant at a Fortune 500 company. She was constantly being harassed and leered at by her boss, Dan. When HR refused to take action -- probably because Dan was so successful for the company -- Rebecca took matters into her own hands. She found an amulet and used it to swap their bodies one day at work.
She sat back and smiled as Dan found himself in the body he'd been ogling for so long.
"You wanted me, now you have me," she drawled in her baritone voice. "If you want your body back you're gonna have to be a good little assistant. You've always been so eager for me to see your dick, why don't you start by sucking it?"
She stood and unzipped her pants, letting her -- admittedly impressive -- cock flop out. Dan tried to argue but soon realized he was at her mercy. He sank to his knees and gingerly took his own dick in his mouth. Urged on by Rebecca, he was made to suck faster, deeper, until she exploded in between her own little lips with no warning. Dan gagged and pulled back, only to get a faceful of cum that leaked down his chest.
"Clean yourself up and get me some lunch," Rebecca ordered, taking a seat behind Dan's huge desk. "The men have work to do."
Alyssia Kent & Luca Ferrero

I needed to know if my college crush still liked me, so I possessed her body for a weekend examine her memories and enjoy her life in Back Together, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. Love this! Time to see what all this blow job fuss is about and make him deal with what he put me through!

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