Back Together (MtF Body Possession)

I needed to know if my college crush still liked me, so I possessed her body for a weekend examine her memories and enjoy her life in Back Together, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Christ, she was every bit as athletic as I remembered. I was hardly winded even as I dashed through the surf, feet kicking up spray that splashed across my elegant body. I’d hopped her once before back in college, when my abilities had just manifested and I didn’t know the full extent of what I could do. Now I had full control and the ability to sink through her thoughts, but for the moment I let her mind sleep and just enjoyed moving my beautiful new body. My only touch of her mind was to find her usual route and then direct myself back home when I was done.

I was exhausted when I returned to her house, high on the endorphins of her run and my body slick with sweat. I grabbed a glass of water and downed it before heading for her bathroom.

Flicking on the light I saw myself from behind her eyes for the first time in a long time. Lindsey’s beautiful face stared back at me. Dark eyebrows arched gently above blue almond-shaped eyes. I traced the shapely line of my new nose and cheeks with my fingers, savoring the softness of her skin. The years had been kind to her, and the slight wrinkles only added to her lovely authenticity.

Putting my hands on my hips, I half-turned and admired the taut curve of my ass beneath the skintight running shorts. Lindsey always did have the most perfect legs, the most wonderful ass. I arched my back, ogling my curves, the smooth motion of my muscles, the lightness of my body.

I returned to the living room and collapsed on to the cream couch, my exhaustion finally catching up with me. I slipped out of my shoes and socks before crossing my legs and resting them on the glass topped coffee table. Gazing around the room, I took in the tasteful but understated décor as my heartbeat slowed.

My gaze settled on my new legs and the dainty little toes I possessed. I wiggled them, watched them move under my command. I ran my hands up and down the perfect bronze skin of her solid calves and across her trim thighs. For the moment she was all mine. I needed to see her. All of her.

I shimmied out of my running shorts and tossed them aside. My white thong panties nestled against my pussy, the damp fabric lightly clinging to my nether lips. I shimmied out of the panties, too, and wrestled with the top and sports bra. When I was free of the clothes I sat back and gazed down at my gorgeous new form. Lindsey’s breasts were incredible light curves, sloping down to the peak of each nipple. Her stomach was as trim as I remembered, and still sheened with sweat from the run.

I stroked my tits, relishing the new sensations of my softer body as my fingers circled round and round my fantastic breasts. I squeezed lightly, fingers dimpling my skin, then slid my hands beneath each breast and grabbed them, pressing them up against my chest, watching as I made Lindsey’s hands play with her tits. The sight of her fondling herself was enough to make me warm. My nipples rose to attention and I fondled them delicately, sending small shocks of delight through me.

I released her breasts, let them bounce back down on to her body before stroking down her body and over her trim stomach. I spread my legs and trailed my hands across the golden pubic hair above my entrance, tracing my fingers over the lips of my pussy. I followed the line of my thighs, just luxuriating in this ability to touch Lindsey everywhere. I was getting turned as much by the physical sensations as by the sight of Lindsey touching herself.

A wonderful soft ache brought my hands back up to between my thighs. I slid a finger up and down the line of my pussy, dipping in lightly, watching as Lindsey’s lips unfolded for me. Now I could feel her body inside and out and I stroked my beautiful damp warmth. Slipping in deeper, I landed on my dew and spread it up and down my entrance, making myself slick.

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