The bitch

"This is how you clean a house," Monica laughed to herself as she sank into the tub and squeezed her enormous breasts.
Her fingers circled her areolae and she squeezed the unfamiliar tits before running her hands up and down her wet new body.
"Bitch keeps herself in shape," she snorted.
She was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was her own dumpy body, dressed in the dowdy blue maid uniform. Monica enjoyed letting the bitch see what she was doing with this fantastic body. The bitch wisely said nothing about it. She'd learned her lesson earlier.
"Excuse me, ma'am, I've finished with the floors."
"Then do the windows. Leave me the fuck alone."
Monica's previous body dropped her eyes and closed the door. Monica sank into the tub, enjoying the relaxation she'd earned by stealing the woman of the house's body.
She'd been forced to clean the house for this ungrateful bitch and was yelled at for the slightest infraction. That is, when she wasn't being actively ignored. So Monica stole the woman's sexy body and ordered her to clean her own house while Monica enjoyed herself.
As she slipped into the warm water and ran her hands between her legs she realized she was already slightly wet for herself. It was the power trip that did it, being able to control this bitch's body and make her do whatever she wanted. And right now she wanted to orgasm.

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