Fantasy foot

Tony was obssessed with his MILF neighbor, Tessa, fantasizing nightly about them together. So it was a dream come true when the Great Shift swapped him into her body. One minute he was in his room playing video games and the next he was on top of the kitchen counter scrubbing a stain while Tessa's incredible cleavage bobbed beneath his nose.
"What the fuck?" He yelped, surprised at the rich, feminine voice from his lips.
He recognized the dress as Tessa's and a surge of excitement filled him. Tony pushed up his dress, gazing at her incredible long legs and her beautiful ass, all of which belonged to him. He could feel every inch of her, down to his little pussy lips, which were growing moist as he gazed at himself and manipulated her body.
Tossing off his clothes, Tony admired his naked new body, hands playing across his skin, over his breasts and down to his feet. She had the most gorgeous feet and he licked each tiny toe, delighting in taking his pleasure from this new body while he had the chance.
Tessa's husband and son stormed downstairs -- both of them had been swapped -- and found Jason naked and pleasuring himself on the counter, much to their disgust. It was unfortunate that Jason's orgasm hit just as the two rounded the corner, and the first time they saw  him in Tessa's body was when he was quivering and cumming hard, moaning in his delicious new voice.
They never quite got over that first impression. And even though Jason moved back to his place, they knew what he was doing in Tessa's body. Sometimes they could even hear his cries of excitement and orgasm.


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