Dr. Edward Morales had sweated through his - now oversized -  scrubs. He let them slip from his shoulders onto the bed and gazed down at his body. Two firm breasts hung from his chest and silky hair tickled the back of his neck. Between his legs was light thatch of brown hair outlining the new sex he now had.
"It seems the experiment was a success," he whispered to himself in a voice that was silky and smooth.
Everyone else in the lab had laughed at his efforts and no one would fund him. He'd cobbled together funds from other projects to work on the gender exchange pills but there was no way he would ever get enough funding for test subjects.
So he'd tested it on himself one night after everyone had left. His body had shivered and ached as if he had a fever, but he'd risen completely transformed.
He slid off the bed and ran his hands down his transformed body. His skin was smooth and warm, and he could feel every inch of himself perfectly. There seemed to be no side effects.
He walked across the room, his hips swaying naturally, his body moving in strange but exciting ways. Opening his phone, he pulled up the camera app and looked at his face. He could easily be mistaken for his sister. The family resemblance in the nose and the eyes was right there.
Edward was excited and wanted to shout out his success to the world. But, as he gently clutched a soft breast and felt a wonderful tingle running through him, he felt there were a few more experiments needed to be run.

A young man adjusts to his new life after being swapped into his mom’s body in Transfer (Part 2) available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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