My parents always tried to punish my stepsister by grounding her but it never worked. They didn't know it, but she would swap bodies with me and then go out, leaving me stuck at home in her body to face her punishment. At the end of the night she'd come home and swap us back, then regale me with tales of her adventures as me. I think she was hoping to torture me.
My stepsister never seemed to wonder why I didn't tell mom and dad, or why I didn't protest more. She was so narcissistic it probably didn't even occur to her to wonder about my reaction.
There was a simple reason I never tried to stop her from swapping our bodies: it felt so damn good to be her. Sure, I was stuck at home in my room, but that was exactly where I wanted to be.
I would cast off my stepsister's pants and pull up my top to let her cute breasts spill out. Her tits were wonderfully round and firm, her nipples so exquisitely sensitive.
One hand would soon make its way down my body and land on my stepsister's little slit. I would trace the line of my pussy up and down, slowly sinking into my warmth and letting my pussy lips clasp me. The wetness would come quickly and I would stroke my tiny clit as pleasure flared within me. I would continue to touch and finger myself until the orgasm burst through me, bright and sharp. When I finished I would lick myself clean, tasting the delicious musk of my stepsister's pussy.
Then I would lie in her bed binging shows until she came home, pausing every now and then to enjoy another orgasm.

A young man adjusts to his new life after being swapped into his mom’s body in Transfer (Part 2) available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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