Transfer (Part 2) – Preview

A young man adjusts to his new life after being swapped into his mom’s body in Transfer (Part 2) available on Smashwords and Amazon.

It’s been some time since Hunter’s car crash, where his mind was placed in his mom’s body in order to save him. Now Hunter thinks he’s come to grips with his curvy body and the way his male hormones play out in his female form.

His first day back to school puts that to the test. His friends try to play it cool but he can tell they’re curious. As is everyone else. Still, Hunter makes every effort to return to normal.

But after he’s menaced in a bathroom stall by other students and dumped by his girlfriend, he realizes that his old normal is gone and he falls into a shame spiral. He opts to try throwing himself into the life of a single, middle aged woman and goes out to meet a man who can treat him right. The tryst is pleasurable but unfulfilling.

It’s only when Ash, another outcast at school, reaches out to him and becomes his friend does Hunter begin to realize that his life is different now, and he has to accept the person he’s become.

This 10,000+ word story contains themes of body swapping, gender switches, and explicit sexual scenes.

Hunter avoided school again the next day and the day after that. But he was kept company by Ash’s texts. They fell into an easy rhythm, speaking in bursts between her classes. Hunter almost wished he’d gone to school just so he could speak to her in real life. She was a different person than she appeared at first glance, not hard-edged at all but warm and friendly. He wondered why she had so much time to text. What about her other friends?

Hunter kept a note of her schedule, looking forward to their brief chats. She consumed the next several days in a good way, and one night he found himself dreaming about her. In the dream he’d been with Christen on a boat. But when he took her in his arms she became Ash. He awoke horny, wet and trembling.

When his dad left for work, Hunter went into his bedroom. His mom’s night table was still there, each drawer remaining exactly as she’d left it. Right down to the little pink vibrator in the back of one drawer. Hunter hadn’t known it was there, but it was the most obvious place to look. He was a little squeamish as he picked up the pink, palm-sized oblong. This had been inside his mom, after all. But her body was his now.

He returned to his room and lay down on his bed and spread his legs. His dream of Ash was so fresh in his mind and he was still warm. Sliding his fingers between his legs, he found that he was already wet. Dripping, in fact. The simple touch of his fingers inside his velvety folds made him sigh. His legs flexed and bent as he stroked himself, the tension winding within him. The nagging idea that this was his mom’s body he was fingering flitted through his mind but was chased away by thoughts of Ash.

Hunter flicked on the vibrator. There was a little indented nozzle on one end and he slid it between his legs. The pleasant vibrations travelled through him. His mom’s sex toy was delightful, and when he slipped the little indent over his clit he let out a startled groan. Pleasure spiked through him, intense and sudden. Oh Christ, it felt good. The vibrations massaged his swollen clit and he kept it still inside him, fingers resting between the warmth of his thighs while the other hand plucked at his tremendous breasts.

He pressed a little bit harder, sinking into his slick slit. Thoughts of his dream came to him. Of Ash. He was kissing her and she was kissing him back. The vibrations made him tremble, drove rising cries from his lips. His body shivered and shook and then suddenly bright pleasure filled his mind. He cried out in delighted anguish “Oh, fuck!”, raising his hips to meet the vibrator, fingers gripping his tit as he rolled back and forth, enjoying the intense, full-bodied orgasm.

He lay breathless on the bed, flicking off the vibrator as the pleasure ebbed within him. He became aware that his plump butt was resting on an enormous wet spot, and that the room was full of the wonderful acrid smell of his sex.

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