From the other side

My girlfriend and I got into the habit of swapping bodies whenever she had to go out and run errands. She would leave me alone in the house and with full run of her body. The only condition was that I couldn't leave the house or communicate with any of her friends. That was fine with me; I had much more enjoyable ways to spend the time.
I began to plan these little outings, excited to spend more time in her body. Today I'd deliberately neglected to grab some stuff from the grocery store and finally convinced my girlfriend to go out to get it. She switched us and then left.
I immediately ran to her room and found her toy. I tossed off my pants and fell onto the bed, spreading my legs to enjoy the pussy that gave so much pleasure to us both. Shit, I got wet just staring at myself, and it wasn't long before I was plunging the vibrator deep into my own wet cunt. My jaw dropped and I moaned as I pushed the vibrator deeper inside. The vibrations pulsed through my canal, sending shivering pleasure through me. My other hand clutched my enormous tit as I sank the toy ever deeper. The feel of my pussy being filled was heavenly, and I soon came, crying out in my girlfriend's voice as the orgasm shook me and I clutched my eyes tight.
"Did you really forget these things or did you just want my body?" A male voice rang out.
I opened my eyes and saw my girlfriend standing there in my body. I smiled sheepishly up at her and spread my legs, revealing my glistening folds. "You can enjoy yourself as well, if you want," I purred.
Sex was just as much fun from the other side.

A young man adjusts to his new life after being swapped into his mom’s body in Transfer (Part 2) available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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  1. Immediately afterwards I would request my girlfriend if she would like to be on the other side too, forever. And since we would be overwhelmed by our new sexual ecperiences we would wholeheartedly say “yes” to it, and become a very loving couple for the rest of our lives. – Tom –

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