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Thanks for following along with my captions and buying my stories! It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

I’m curious what types of captions and stories y’all like to read. Please take a few seconds to click through the below polls. Or not. I’ll leave it up to you!

I’ll leave them open until next Thursday and then share the results.

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In the comment section, please add if there are any types of captions or stories you like but don’t see much of, either on my site or any other site.


  1. Bodyswap captions where you start to remember the subject’s life, have the same mannerisms and sex orientation but you are still in control.

    e.g. willing bodyswap bf/gf

  2. Costume gun stuff like in your story All Dressed Up is really great and hot.

    I also really like astral projection stuff like in your story Spirited Away. Especially that bit at the beginning when he is just figuring out how to astral project, and takes over his mom as a first test ride.

  3. There were a couple I saw where a woman possessed other women or shapeshifted into them for her boyfriend to enjoy, and/or encouraged him to possess other women because she found it hot. Those are pretty rare so I’d like to see more of those.

  4. Love mtf where the character swaps, finds they are about to get reamed, and decides to just enjoy the ride or has no choice. Also if they are possessed and have no choice. Brother/sister, son/mother, boyfriend/girlfriend are bonuses.
    Semi-recent favorites so far Until Then, Had it all, Girlfriend surprise, and a host of others in the vault.

  5. I like bodyhopper or possession story. I really love stories like when people got their bodies back but not in the way they expected to.

  6. I’d like to see alot more of genital swaps or trait swaps between father and son or like grandmother and granddaughter genital swaps and they end up having sex with their partner

  7. A F2F or F2M swap of a lowly college student into the body of their employer (eg: maid or dog walker into a powerful CEO or Politician) would be really cool. They would find ways to unlock their body’s physical abilities and muscle memories. Little Miss Perfect was really good example in how it was a race change, but able to discover their new ability to speak Vietnamese.

  8. Consensual swaps and possessions to make bodies fit, like in your excellent ‘Perfect Fit’ are really good. A F2F swap/possession with a female trainer who helps train corporate wives and/or female CEOs would be awesome, and have the trainer get into tricky spots before swapping out back to keep her business going.

  9. I love consensual swapping or possession arrangements where everyone is happy 🙂 But I also really like the ones where the subject thinks that their actions are their own.

  10. F2F swaps are the best! Especially ones where the guy knows its not her but can’t help himself. My favourites are: Foreign Exchange, Girl Next Door, Let Me Stay, Time for an upgrade, Taking a Girlfriend, Never gonna give you up

  11. I love FTM, either body swaps or part swaps. The Role Exchanger stories are hot, too, combined with that part swaps, i.e. when a mom gets their son or husbands desires and masculinity

  12. Body part or genital swaps are always fun.

    The mysterious magical stranger/body influencer type stuff is also cool and a bit scarce atm.

  13. I’d like a swap where someone swaps into someone less attractive. Not like insanely overweight or ugly, but like where a hot twenty year old gets swapped into a kind of chubby 30-something, and has to navigate their new life where things don’t come so easy.

  14. I’d like to see a body swap story from the perspective of someone not being swapped. I’d like to see a guy’s girlfriend being swapped into their mother’s body, and them having to wrestle with whether they stay together or not.

  15. More captions like and, with the son intentionally swapping with and pretending to be his mother would be wonderful!

    As for stories, a mix of I Stole My Mom’s Body (2018), Hostile Takeover (2018), What’s Yours Is Mine (2020), Let Me Stay (2021), Fiancee-in-Law/The Next Step (2021), All Dressed Up (2021) would be very hot. Basically, a boy or man stealing the body of a family member and impersonating her around everyone in her life – especially her husband or boyfriend. Even hotter if she’s stuck in his body (or in some magical device, like a statue), watching him fully take over her life, but unable to stop him or convince others of her true identity. A scene in which the son within the mother’s body convinces his father (now husband) to kick the mother in the son’s body out of the house for being a perv or something would be so evil yet kinky.

  16. I really like body theft captions, where the female character steals the male character’s body and he’s forced to live her life and whatever consequences she’s trying to get away from.

  17. I personally like the Husband/Wife & Boyfriend/Girlfriend swaps and transformations that are voluntary and done out of love for each other within the relationship. Wanting to understand the others needs and wants, both physically (yay sex!) and emotionally as motivation for the transformation/swap. Getting both perspectives of the situation is also great.

  18. I’d like to see more mtf cousin swaps and brother into sister swaps and possessions. Not when it focuses on them having sex in their new body’s, but instead being alone so they can feel up and enjoy the body they’ve taken over. Feeling what it’s like to be inside their body and literally embody them. Son into mom stuff, or maybe like mtf stuff with a close childhood friend with those same conditions are super great as well.

  19. I like ones where a parent swaps with a younger person and gets with their son. TGSwappingCaps has a lot of good examples of this on their blog, like FOSE caps where a father swaps with his son’s girlfriend and can’t control his lust towards his son. It’s better if the son is younger, you did a FOSE one before with an elderly dad in his adult son’s wife, but it just didn’t hit the same way.

  20. I’ve always loved any story that has a milf swap involved, especially if it’s around a mom-to-son swap. Any sort of story which is based around the PoV of the reader has been a favourite of mine as well.

  21. would be interesting to find the m2f and f2m or even f2f caps around office and corporate space, where rookie intern / hot secretary becomes boss or vice versa, also jealousy around office politics where someone swaps body to gain advantage and things goes wrong. politically strong but technically dumb person swapping with their superior and dominating their bosses, boss getting tricked by his wife and lesbian secretary reduced to be concubine to his own body, who is unwilling complying to keep the his company and marriage in place unaware of the fact his wife is the master mind. in basic word social degradation / corporate degradation.

  22. I love any story you make that involves son to mum or another milf, especially ones that are written showing the PoV of the reader/second person, it just makes the story much more immersive to read.

  23. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the incest stuff, though I appreciate that it has its sizable audience. Curiously, I’m more bothered with physical incest (i.e. hoppers in son and mom’s bodies having sex) than mental (son in mom’s body having sex with dad). That’s some interesting food for self-reflection.

    Still, my jam is strangers, aquintances, lovers doing the swapping/getting possessed or transformed instead of family. I would like more creative ways and even different settings for this to happen. Doesn’t have to be all modern day with me.

  24. Would love to see more M2M. Possession or swaps through trickery are really good. A bully at work stealing the body of a rival and then stealing their new host’s girlfriend/wife to make it permanent is an interesting one because I when the bad guy wins is good (a bit like Deeper Undercover which was an excellent re-write by the way). Or if the Bully is able to take advantage of their power and swap in their circle of friends into other family members bodies (eg: swap their girlfriend/co worker into their new body’s stepdaughter or stepson) to start anew (maybe like in Heist Part 1).

    Maybe another F2M like what we saw in Heist Part 2 (swaps/possessions against their will are really good) would be great. The fight for control to try to reverse it or make it permanent are great.

  25. Race/Cultural Change captions are probably my favorite that I don’t see too much of.

    Absolutely loved “Arabian Nights” and always find myself looking for stuff similar to it

  26. I like the mother/son and brother sister body swaps/possessions the most, especially when it’s focused on the son/brother exploring their new form.

    I also really like it when the body swap/possession is intentional, and the son/brother actively sought out to do it so they could explore their mother/sister’s body.

    One’s where it’s not intentional and is the result of an accident or something outside of their control are good too, as long as they end up enjoying the switch.

  27. I love the stories ‘Possession, hosts thinks actions are their own at first but realize they are taken control of their bodies by someone else not along after.’

    They try to take control of their bodies back from whatever entity who had possessed them, but can only look on and experience every sensation as they’re forced to get more intimate than they’ve ever imagined.

    And as time passed, hosts who slowly begin assimilated with their controllers as their minds which resisted them first slowly meld with the entity’s and become a completely different one then before finally, or trapped forever in their own mind like a passenger as the entities totally take control their bodies over.

  28. I just love the action taken in possessions and body swaps when a bully takes the control like in “Homecoming” or “Family Afair” or “Demon Seed” but this time the devil wins, stories like that are awesome, when the protagonist knows its been forced to do things against their will is really good, thank you for these amazing stories ans books.

  29. I love your bully captions and stories, especially when it goes in a darker direction and has a bad end for the protagonist.

  30. The possession stories you write around bullies and those power dynamics are always my favorite – love when you post them!

  31. FTM swaps are awesome they’re always creative with the writing. I love seeing a situation where the girl enjoys being a man and powerful. But I also love a situation where the girl is still submissive in the man’s body while the guy in the girls body is seducing the woman in his body while the girl fights her currents body’s sexuality and bodily desires.

  32. Some mom to daughter possession stuff is needed where Mom possesses her daughter’s body out of jealousy and keeps it for herself.

  33. I want to see more caps with futa/intersexed/dick growth. Mostly possession. But I understand why thats not as universally popular or easy to get picture for without doing your own edits.
    When it comes to possession, regardless of its a complete overide, thinking their actions are their own, slow assimilation, or unwilling passenger, I like stories that center around a permanent takeover, or at least focused on making someone elses life yours, not too many side swaps, putting them in compromising positions or going against what they’d normally do but in a way thats less ‘intentionally ruining your life before I leave’ and more ‘ this is my life now and I’ll do as I please’. Stuff like an ghost haunting appartment looking for a sexy new life or an elderly spouse who picked a trophy wife specifically planning to overshadow her as he passes. I loved your stories where the bully takes the moms or the teachers bodies for keeps and go full lesbian, obviously especially the one where the bully gives his new girl friend a member.

  34. I’ve always been a fan of possession stories/caps where the host’s body gets transformed by the possessor, especially if the changes remain after the possession ends

  35. I like stories like in the doghouse or grandpa or granny stealing there hot granddaughter’s body life and virginity I also like stories like imposter syndrome.

  36. I picked “possession but host thinks the actions are their own,” but I honestly I really like body hopper stories in particular. Especially TG ones or even semi-TG caps where two guys hop a couple, brother/sister, mom/son, or something else like those. It gets even better when you do a series like you kinda started with Dan(?) way back where the hopper’s either figuring it all out or just exploring his options. Regardless, I’m satisfied with just about everything you post.

    1. Yeah, for beings with powers I like to start when they’re just getting used to it, or start out weak. Big fan of origin stories.

  37. It would be interesting if theres more captions about one dude possessing multiple bodies at once.

  38. Boyfriend/girlfriend bodyswap with a foot fetish aspect. eg, the girlfriend gets her boyfriend’s foot fetish when they swap.

  39. I love any caption that involves the mother. Mainly I like when the mother is swapped with a stranger or a bully and is behaving strangely or tormenting there unaffected family.

  40. I’d be really interested in seeing other things like Dad -> Daughter, Grandpa -> Granddaughter and things like that. ESPECIALLY if they have no guilt about it.

  41. Maybe you could do a triple TG Swap, in which a couple and a single guy will swap with each other: first husband and wife will swap with each other. After that the husband, being inside his wife’s body, will swap with the single guy. Then the “new” single guy will leave, after which the “new” couple will seal the swap forever by having sex with each other. Everything voluntarily, out of their own free will, for the other one’s sake, consciously accepting the permanency of the swap. – Tom –

    1. BTW, my favorite Swap type is where the male participant becomes a lovely, slightly plump, curvy, fertile, attractive Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Filippine, Indonesian, Indian) woman with long dark hair permanently – and absolutely loves it !!! – Tom –

  42. I love both unexpected as well as mutually consciously realised TG Swap Stories between strangers, girlfriend / boyfriend and husband / wife, in which both participants voluntary seal the swap by having sex with each other, both being very consciously aware of the fact that the swap will become permanent by doing this, and yet loving to do it in this way, never regretting it. – Tom –

    1. Forced and unwilling body swaps are the best. Particularly against people that deserved it such as misogynistic men

  43. I love your MtF possession stories where either the people fight for the body or one person has control and the other person is helpless and along for the ride. For instance, “Prime for Takeover,” “Best Friend’s Wedding,” and “Driving her Wild.” I also like books where a guy is in a female body and does not have control. I would immediately buy those books on Kindle.

  44. I’d like to see more fallout or later on after a body swap type stuff. Most of the time it’s what happened right after the swap, or shortly after. Would be cool to see like a few months, a year later, type stuff. People meeting up or running into their old bodies and seeing how someone else “at the wheel” changed their old body.

    The idea of like a Great Shift “Shiftiversary” idea, where people meet up to mark the Shift would be cool as a short stories too.

  45. Personally i really enjoy bully caps, a great shift event or body thief.
    I like when captions goes a bit “dark”, for example when it’s a mother or sister that gets possessed and the person in control will torment the son and they will have no control or memory about what happend to them.

    1. I absolutely agree. Role Exchanger! Role Exchanger! Role Exchanger! Trait swaps personality swaps, memory/ body memory swaps/alterations, and Role/life swaps. You did one about a meteor partial swapping siblings, where they also switched clothing sense (sister wore boxers), I liked that caption and you could continue it with the parents involved.

      1. It was “her brother’s equipment” 9/28/19. A good Role Exchanger cap was “here comes her son” in 12/29/19. Positive endings are always appreciated; I’m tired of so many captions being a sad story, especially when one character is essentially torturing another. It’s a bummer.

  46. I love son to mother and Husband/Wife bodyswap captions, please make more of those. Specially ones that have sex with other people when they have swapped.

  47. I hope to see more F2M (Get in Here) or M2M (The Gem in I Wish) stories, preferably in the ‘body theft’ category (and there being a struggle to try and reverse the spell/possession). Those were very unique and well written within your collection. M2M especially when the nerd becomes the jock boyfriend (swap or possession) of his stepsister and becoming a better lover than the original is really good. Would love to see a plot too where a MILF teacher steals the body of a male student (possession or swap) and proceeds to steal his girlfriend to seal themselves in their new body.

  48. I love sudden or accidental changes from son to mom and then having the dad fuck them. Moreso the horny dad unknowingly fucking the son in the moms body than the son willingly choosing to fuck the dad.
    Bonus points if the mom tricked the son into swapping to steal his life or his girlfriend or if the swap was an accident like a wish gone wrong

  49. I like to read stories about unsuspected hot wives and mothers who become possesed by male ghosts and have an attitude change. They go from kind and loving to sexually agressive with the husband and cold and distant towards the son. Sometimes i like the idea of them maintaining the facade and enjoy hiding in plain sight. Would you like to make a story like that with my favourite pornstar, Angela White?

  50. I honestly hope to see a lot more incest stories. Son to mom swaps and I know you have been doing quite a bit of them, but they just don’t get old. I think you can also do them in more cool ways like have the swapped mom fuck the sister and the son now mom the dad or the brother. I think it’d be very cool if you did some of those caps.

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