Don’t think about your mom!

Request: Hi man big fan of your work can you do one where a son swaps with his mom and his mom is about to have sex with his dad or maybe one with a brother swap with her pregnant sister who is having sex pregnant? peace

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  1. I want to see one where he successfully goes into nicoles body and the spell caused his friend to go into his mom’s body

  2. yes yes yes i really do want this to happen to me i want to swap with a woman and than become here i want to be lying on my back legs sprea wide open and i am coming as a woman oh my yes please i really have aklways wanted thiois the very thought of being a female being fucked!

  3. yes yes yes jay knew that this was it he she could never ever go back now she was on a bed on her back with her leg’s spread wide open and she was coming as a woman she knew she was going to be pregant this time so she just gave in and came she felt the tunder of her frist female orgasam

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