Waited so long

"Come here, you beautiful bitch," Megan whispered to Melissa, before grabbing her twin sister's hair and forcing their lips together.
Megan's other hand reached around and squeezed Melissa's plump butt. Their bare bodies pressed together, limbs entwined, hands groping the other's bodies as each their tongues explored the other's mouth.
Megan and Melissa didn't know they were being possessed by two classmates who'd gotten hold of the Possession Machine. They were being controlled by two nerds, but thought all their actions were their own.
Megan had no idea why she suddenly felt so attracted to her twin, or why they'd both undressed, giggling at each other before running their hands over their bodies as if they'd never seen them before. All Megan knew was that she suddenly desired the taste of her twin sister, and had rushed to her, clasping her body tight, their tits pressed together.
Touching her sister was making Megan so wet, desire flicking through her body. She continued kissing Melissa, tongue flicking into her warm mouth as she reached between her sister's legs and landed on her dew.
"Hee hee, your pussy's wet," Megan giggled
Megan stroked her sister's pussy, spreading the wetness up and down her slick folds. Melissa whimpered softly into Megan's mouth as Melissa's fingers found her sensitive button.
As Megan lay Melissa on the bed and pressed her face into Melissa's deliciously aromatic pussy, she wondered why she'd waited so long to do this.

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  1. Any longer stories like this? Maybe where they’re aware something is wrong but not that they’re being completely posessed.

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