Not the worst mistake

"Whoa, this feels weird," Shane said as he spread his legs and tentatively brought his fingers down to the intriguing new pussy between his legs.
Shane had cast a possession spell, intending to possess the body of Katie, the hottest cheerleader in school. Instead, he somehow ended up in her mom's body. Her mom, Nicole, was pretty good looking, too. She didn't have the tight, young body of Katie, but she did have a nice figure that Shane was dying to explore. After everyone else left the house, Shane threw off his clothes and hopped up onto the table.
Shane stared down at Nicole's body, admiring the heavy breasts, running his hand along her soft skin. Her long hair spilled down over his shoulders and his tits swayed as he shifted on the table. He spread his legs and ran his fingers up and down his welcome new pussy.
He followed the little line of his slit, fingers gently skating across his dewy folds. Gazing down in awe at his pussy, he watched as the delicate lips slid open at his touch, revealing Nicole's dark pink folds. He stroked harder, making tight little circles across his clit, his body warming as he manipulated her body from within.
The delightful anticipation grew within him and he continued stroking his new pussy. He grew wetter, the slick sounds of his cunt hitting his ears, the pleasure flitting through him making him moan. He continued stroking until the anticipation broke, flooding him with Nicole's orgasm. Twisting and turning on the table, he came hard, crying out in her throaty voice and sunk his fingers deep into his glorious body.
It wasn't the worst mistake he'd ever made.

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