Do everything together

My wife's pussy tasted even better from within the body of her best friend. Mandy's long, wavy hair fell down my bare back as I knelt in front of my wife. My new tongue pressed against he clit and I closed my eyes in ecstasy as I inhaled her delicious tangy scent. Her hand twisted through my hair, forcing my head closer to her, my tongue deeper into her.
The Great Shift had placed me in the body of Mandy, my wife's best friend. They used to do everything together and it was awkward when it was me piloting her body. I still had my same desires for my wife, but until she got used to me being inside her best friend, I was left alone to figure out Mandy's body. And I did. God, I did. I found out how to touch myself, how fast to move, when to stop and when to sink deep inside.
It took awhile but I finally convinced my wife that even though I was in her best friend's body we could still be just as intimate as ever. Even more so, in fact, with my newfound expertise in the female orgasm.
I'd forgotten how delicious my wife was, and hearing her moan made me cum. Mandy's stacked body shook and I cried out, my voice muffled by my wife's slippery pussy lips. I spread my legs and thrust up against the pillow beneath me as we both came together, our voices howling in unison.
And the best part was I could keep going, still licking and sucking as another orgasm built within us both.

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