The first chance I had to cast the spell, when both I and my wife would be home, was the weekend. I woke up at dawn and sipped out of bed to the kitchen where I'd stashed the spell book. I recited the spell and the world went black as I slipped into unconsciousness.
I woke for the second time that day. Only now the sun was peeking through the window. I threw the covers off and knelt on the bed, feeling my wife's long hair cascade down my shoulders and her huge breasts shift on my chest. I looked down at myself in awe, tracing my new tits with my wife's fingers. Fuck, it was hot watching my wife touch herself, grabbing the tits that I enjoyed so much and stroking her little nipples.
I lay back on the bed to fully enjoy her body, spreading her pussy and stroking her wet folds. My wife had always been shy about her body and disgusted about the smell of herself. That fact just made me even more turned on as I gathered her juices and let them drip onto my tongue. I drank down her tangy essence, wiping it across my face and tits, dirtying her body with her own musk as my fingers slid deeper into her entrance and my body roiled with pleasure.
The orgasm was huge, sending shockwaves through my entire body. I clutched my tits and thrust deeper into my delicious warmth as I came, enjoying my wife's orgasm.
I was disappointed when the spell wore off, but I knew I would cast it again soon.

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