Just a little crush

"Oh my god, this is awesome," I whispered as I lifted my bra and stroked my teacher's huge breast.
I had a little crush on Ms. Moore but I never expected to be able to have her body. I was elated when I found she was going to be the Swap Class instructor this semester, and even more excited when I saw there were an uneven number of students. I just about died when I was chosen to swap bodies with her. It made sense that she thought she could trust the salutatorian. I'd never done anything to suggest I had anything but the best intentions.
But, man, when I finally got home alone I tore off my clothes as fast as I could. I ran Ms. Moore's hands across her skin, hefting her massive tits in each hand, lowering my lips to suckle on myself. Hearing her little moans, feeling her body from the inside, watching as her own hands touched and stroked herself made me warm and wet.
In a few minutes I was totally naked in her bed, legs spread as I fingered her pussy with one hand and groped her enormous tits with the other. The orgasm was huge, shaking me from the tip of my cute nose to my tiny toes. I squirmed and cried out in her voice, my body shaking as the pleasure burst through me.
The first orgasm was nice. The second one was even better. By the end of the day I was an expert in Ms. Moore's body.

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