Most awkward date ever

"We shouldn't be doing this," Jim sighed as Adam gently nipped his neck.
Adam's other hand came beneath Jim's breast and cupped it, slender fingers lightly squeezing Jim's new tit, fingers sliding up to pinch the little nipple. The touch sent a fire through Jim and he undulated his body, his own hand sliding up through Adam's hair to keep him close. Jim's tight little body was divine and he felt his new pussy grow warm and moist for his friend.
Jim and Adam had been on a double date when the Great Shift occurred and swapped each of them into the body of their dates. It was the most awkward first date ever, as they all went home in a stranger's body.
Adam was convinced that people would find a way to swap back, and soon talked Jim over his panic and convinced him to make the most of it while they had these bodies.
Jim had to admit that the body he possessed now was pretty incredible, and when they swapped back he would almost certainly never see it again. And what the women didn't know wouldn't hurt them.
"It's not like we can get them pregnant or anything," Adam whispered, before leaning forward and kissing Jim on his soft lips.
In no time the two were enjoying their new bodies, with no idea that they would have plenty of chances to do so.

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