Lot of crazies

Ezra had ruined his current body. Filthy, toothless and homeless, he wandered around the city looking for a new life.
A fancy car pulled up at a nearby stoplight. The man in the driver's seat looked like some douchebag executive. The woman in the passenger seat was probably his secretary. Either way, he was loaded and she was hot.
Ezra staggered towards the car and the woman glanced up at him. Her brow furrowed in a look if disgust, and then Ezra laughed and swapped bodies with her just as the light turned green. Suddenly, he was in the air conditioned car, looking out at a very startled homeless man who started yelling after her as the car drove away.
"Lot of crazies in this town," Ezra said, pushing a lock of hair back behind one petite ear.
"Tell me about it," the guy said. "Hey, I've got to run in and pick up some papers real quick. Be right back."
The guy pulled over into a loading zone and jumped out. When he was gone, Ezra pulled aside his top and admired his new breast.
"It's been a minute since I had some nice tits," he said to himself before grabbing his breast and stroking his tiny nipple. He shivered lightly as he stroked his sensitive tit.
No one outside seemed to notice or, if they did, they weren't being obvious about it. Not that Ezra cared. Once he fucked up this life he would move on to another one. All he cared about was pleasure.

A young man adjusts to his new life after being swapped into his mom’s body in Transfer (Part 2) available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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