Dating a hottie

Leon gasped and struggled to sit up, but the motion just made his tits bounce and drove his brother's cock deeper into Leon's wet opening. His brother grabbed his hips and yanked him down, driving a gasp from Leon's lips as his brother's cock hit his innermost pleasure.
"Oh...God..." he breathed, as the thick shaft slid in and out of his slick canal.
His brother mistook his moans for pleasure and yanked him down harder, grinning as he thrust up.
Leon had been jealous of his brother for dating a hottie like Ani. He'd cast a spell hoping to possess his brother for a little fun, but instead had ended up inside Ani at the worst possible time.
She'd been right on the edge of orgasm, and the body Leon found himself in was anxious for release. As his brother pounded him, Leon felt himself falling over the edge. He threw back his head and cried out, driving himself down to fill his lithe body with his brother's dick. Now Leon was the one grinding down, needing to release the driving tension that had spilled him. Pleasure burned through him. 
Leon convulsed happily on his brother's cock, only vaguely aware that the cock was throbbing inside him, filling him with the heat of his brother's cum.
When he came down he rested his head on his brother's shoulder, chuckling in disbelief at what he'd just done. He wouldn't be chuckling for long, though, because he would soon find that he'd just accidentally sealed himself into Ani's body.

A young man adjusts to his new life after being swapped into his mom’s body in Transfer (Part 2) available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


  1. Despite this “unwanted” surprise I would, being in the same position as Leon, happily embrace the sealing and spoil my former brother with a huge variety of carnal pleasures during the rest of our lives, being together forever …. . – Tom –

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