First World Problems (Preview)

A rich, arrogant man is forcibly swapped into the body of a poor Afghan woman in First World Problems, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Dalton has everything he could possibly want: money, a gorgeous wife, a perfect life. He even has access to a clinic that can swap physical and mental traits. He uses the Swap Clinic to stay young and fit, swapping with donors on a whim, taking their physique and mental aptitude before squandering it only to repeat the process weeks later with another volunteer.

But when he insults the relative of the Swap Clinic’s Director, the Director decides to teach Dalton a lesson and starts by secretly swapping Dalton’s desires with that of a pious, young Afghan woman.

Dalton finds himself with strange urges and unusual thoughts. His bluster and confidence is gone, replaced with a meek acceptance and timidity. It’s not long before he swaps his body entirely with that of the beautiful young woman.

Soon Dalton finds the young woman’s masochistic side. He discovers that he delights in being humiliated and abused. He craves it and seeks it out so he can enjoy the ultimate pleasure it brings.

Can Dalton escape before he’s whisked away from America and in to a tiny village to start his new life? Or will his mental changes force him to remain trapped as a poor, meek woman forever?

This 11,000+ word story contains male to female body swaps, humiliation and masochism, and explicit erotic scenes.

“Look at him,” Autumn said, gesturing to Dalton, who was standing next to her silently with a placid smile on his face. “I don’t know what kind of mental swap bullshit you’ve pulled put I demand you put it back. You’ve got a nice business here. I would hate to get my lawyers involved, and it would definitely be worse for you if word got out that you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“I assure you, we will get to the bottom of this. There should not have been any mental changes but we can review the log file and see if any adjustments need to be made. After you called us we brought the last person your husband swapped with back to our clinic. They’re prepped and ready in the chamber. This way, please.”

Dalton and Autumn followed Abed back through the security door and into the chamber. Autumn watched on, arms folded, as Dalton got undressed and slipped into the viscous liquid. A few seconds later the vibrations started up. His whole body hummed, down to the bones. For a second he felt a strange weightlessness, his body seemed to disappear for a blink, and then he settled back into reality. When the humming stopped the cover slid back Dalton raised his head out of the chamber.

“How are you feeling, Dalton?”

It was a man’s voice. Dalton wiped the slick liquid from his eyes and blinked up at the man standing over him.

“Hassan?” Dalton asked.

The voice that came from Dalton’s lips was all wrong. Higher pitched. Lighter. Feminine.

Dalton looked down at his body, still half-submerged, and found two bare breasts hanging from his chest and buoyed by the liquid. The nipples were dark brown against his pale latte skin. He gasped and pushed himself up, watching as his new breasts bounced with each motion. They were smaller than Autumn’s but perky with the tautness of youth.

“What did you do to me?” Dalton asked in a small voice, looking back up at Hassan.

Hassan loomed over him. One of his eyes was still discolored from the beating. He smiled. “We fixed you. Well, we fixed two problems actually.”

“Change me back. Now!” Dalton tried to growl. But the voice that came out was docile and meek, more pleading than demanding.

“No. Come on out of there.”

Dalton found himself wanting to obey. He stood and Hassan helped him out of the chamber, one hand sliding across Dalton’s waist, the other gently grabbing his hand. Dalton leaned on him as they made their way across the chamber floor to the shower.

Dalton had some trouble adjusting to the way his new body moved. His hips swayed back and forth and his slim breasts jostled at each step. He stared down at the woman he’d now become, saw he was younger, with sleek curves. Dalton’s body was much smaller. Hassan towered over him, only further emphasizing Dalton’s lack of power.

Dalton stepped into the spray and washed himself down. He held his hands up to his face and wiggled his tiny fingers. They were slender and thin. Delicate. He couldn’t help exploring his new body, running his hands over his soft curves. He gently fondled a breast, marveling at the tightness of skin. His hands brushed down his stomach, skating across the emptiness between his legs. A wild thatch of dark hair covered his entrance, but the body he gazed down on was delightful. Everything about this new body screamed docile and harmless.

Dalton wanted to explore himself more but saw Hassan staring at him and he blushed, looking away. He didn’t dare tell Hassan to stop staring. It wasn’t his place to tell a man to do something.

For the first time in days Dalton realized he felt whole. Like his mind now matched his body. He remembered that it wasn’t always this way and there was a slight nostalgia for the man he used to be. But this must have been God’s will.

After the shower he toweled off. There was a mirror in the room and Dalton stepped in front of it. The girl – his reflection – was stunning. Probably in her late teens, she was tiny, with dark features and long lashes. She looked to be of Afghani descent. His eyes traced the light curves of his body, and he saw Hassan behind him doing the same thing. He blushed, but had no way of covering himself. As he looked back up at his face he thought he looked familiar and then it hit him: this was the woman who’d come out of the chamber last time. His eyes widened and he took a step back.

“Who am I?” Dalton asked.

“Quiet,” Hassan snapped. “You’ll speak only when spoken to.” Dalton nodded and dropped his gaze.

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