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Adam had a crush on his friend, Hannah. He hoped that by possessing her he could change her mind to make her break up with her boyfriend and start dating him.
The possession part worked, though the timing was awkward. Adam found himself on his knees, naked in front of Hannah's boyfriend. His tiny fingers were wrapped around her boyfriend's dick. Hannah's bare breasts hung enticingly from Adam's chest. Adam also noticed that his chin was wet and there was a salty tang in his mouth.
Adam tried to pull his hands of Hannah's boyfriend's cock but they wouldn't move. He found his eyes looking up at her boyfriend and his mouth opened:
"I loooove sucking your dick," he moaned in Hannah's voice.
Adam realized he was stuck in Hannah's body. He'd possessed her but he had no control over her, even though he could experience everything she was feeling, from the slick lust for her boyfriend, to her delight in handling his cock.
Adam tried to resist as Hannah's lips opened and she plunged her mouth back down her boyfriend's shaft, but he had no power. Along with Hannah, he sucked the huge cock, lips and tongue working the shaft.
Adam was disgusted as he deep throated Hannah's boyfriend, even as he felt himself growing wetter. When Hannah's boyfriend exploded into her mouth, Hannah kept her lips around the shaft and swallowed every drop, which meant that Adam did, too.
With no way to move his body to reverse the spell, Adam was stuck in Hannah's body forever, and had to do much more than just blow jobs.

A rich, arrogant man is forcibly swapped into the body of a poor Afghan woman in First World Problems, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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